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Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Things They Carry

Sorry I wasn't around, for a bit there Blogger told me I was forbidden to view my webpage! Apparently that's been cleared up for now, and I appreciate everyone's emails and patience, I feel so loved :-)

While I couldn't get in here, I found a neat photo essay showing what soldiers in Afghanistan are carrying for luck, and to ease their pain of being so far from home. Click here and when you're done with the article click just below the title where it says "Photo Essay." It's pretty moving.

I also appreciated that the author referred to The Things They Carried, which is one of the few books about Viet Nam that my dad actually recommends. He served 32 years in the beloved Corps (the Marines, for those of you who didn't grow up military or watch Full Metal Jacket 5 million times. ;-) ) and was in both Viet Nam and Desert Storm.

So, when I have questions about war movies or literature, I always ask him first. Partially because I've learned I can trust his answers on the subject, and partially because when you get him riled he's pretty hilarious. For instance, when asked if Apocalypse Now was a realistic telling, he responded with a groan and said, "Arrrrrrrrg, whoever wrote that should have had his drugs taken away...or his typewriter...or both." In other words, it may be an interesting movie, but it's not terribly realistic.

Anyway, go check the photo essay. It can be easy to forget that we have soldiers out there right now. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

I am sorry, but it just makes me sad to look at those boys. They look so young. Dear God, why are we over there, especially Iraq, risking their lives? I know it may not be a popular view, but it makes me so sad to see that they have wives and children waiting at home for them. Not that I didn't know that, it is just the reminder.
The photos are very touching. The crosses and pictures bring them strength and hope.
The soldier we adopted is coming home in April.
He has been at Gitmo.
I am so proud of our service men & women.
I get teary-eyed just thinking of them.
We can't watch Military movies in our house...because DH spends the entire movie telling me &/or shouting at the movie how FAKE everything is. LOL!

And he gets especially annoyed when pilots take their air masks off while still flying (like in Top Gun) because they would die without the air.

I have to keep repeating "it's only a movie, it's only a movie."

Luckily the only movies we watch now days are animated. He didn't have anything to say about Madagaskar. hee hee
:( When I think about this stuff I think about my son. Hubby's too old to go off LOL... but my son one day may! That totally freaks me out and makes me want to lock him in his room forever. Or at least untilt he passing of the draft age. LOL....


P.S. Are you doing MM? Mine's up!
I'm very proud of our soldiers. I pray for their strength and I'm glad for whatever helps them get through the day.

Blogger has been giving me problems too. It must be bug season ;-)
Realism isn't the only desirable quality that a film can have. Apocalpyse Now is an allegory. Coppola took a story set in Afric and plopped it into the middle of the Vietnam war to create a dream/nightmare consciousness. It's poetic and complex, but, yeah, at a glance, it doesn't give you the Vietnam experience.
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