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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The White House, The Pentagon, The Hoover Dam and now....


The home of the King of Rock 'n' Roll joined the homes of presidents past and present in becoming a National Historic Landmark Monday.
Seriously, I like Elvis as much as the next person. Whoa, I better stop there, because I'm sure that's not true. Even though I've written about it in this very blog, I don't believe Elvis is alive. Should it turn out I'm wrong and he is alive, I would never think to ask him to sign my toilet paper. And I certainly don't miss the experience enough to hire this choir. So, maybe I should shut up while I'm ahead and let The King's true fans enjoy this moment.


WOW - of course, if he did sign my toilet paper I just *know* I would have an emergency and can figure out the rest :)
I think he became a lot bigger after death...bloating will do that to dead human tissue.

Anywho, while my mom is rejoicing and loving that she has an authentic replica of some mother-of-pearl Elvis watch or life-size cutout or the complete plate set or velvet Elvis, I will sit here and plan my next trip...

Away from the jungle room, uhthankyouverymuch.
How old would Elvis be now?
He would have turned 71 in January. I had to look it up, love that internet!
I was never much of an Elvis fan, but I'm glad you're happy.
My mom instilled a great dislike in me of Elvis because of her sister. Her sister LOVED Elvis and so my mom had to HATE him. LOL!
Of course with all his songs on the Lilo & Stitch movie, DD loves him...hee hee I seriously don't care.
We toured Graceland, and it is a pretty cool place.
I don't know that it warrants being a National Historic Landmark. I just hope they don't start doing this for all the homes of entertainers. I won't be happy to see Paulie Shore's trailer with a National Historic Plaque on it.

I love the pic of the redheaded kids below. Very cute!

That guy who took off to Mexico should be publically castrated.

Personal update:
We had a whirlwind of a weekend. The 50th anniversary for my inlaws went wonderfully. It was a lot of work, and Courtney's media presentation she made for them made everyone at the dinner party cry. There were about 125 people who attended and we had to set up and then clean up afterwards. Lots of work! But worth it.
Courtney is doing well. She had sinus surgery yesterday. She is home with a drippy, bloody nose, and popping pain pills. She's a trooper, and will be fully recovered in about ten days.
I'm busy visiting all my blog friends, and I have some catching up to do. I will have a new post at my place on Wednesday.
Now, I'll be really worried if they do the same for Little Graceland. It's a complete miniature reproduction of Graceland that some woman in Roanoke VA keeps in her yard. It's also free, which is why I've been to that one and not to the real one.
i actually feel sorry for his daughter, that she has to deal with this. why can't they just let him be, in peace.
Now, you read my roadtrip memory last Monday, so you know I like Elvis enough to take the "cheap" tour of Graceland.

And now I can say I have seen it.
I heard on the radio yesterday that a lot more of Elvis' personal artifacts are going on display, and that a lot of them have bulletholes.
Bulletholes? What's up with that?

On a side note, Davin says that now that Graceland's a historical landmark and all, we should have a field trip there with the kids...
I lived in Memphis when he died. That was quite a scene. I've never been a huge fan. But I must admit that this
is my avatar on several forums. I mean really, what could be cooler?
That is awfully cool, Rowan! Yoda Man!
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