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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I just realized it's Picture Day for our homeschool group. I need to go comb some hair and fold some laundry, it's a pretty relaxed group but I don't think they want us showing up naked...


Oh goodness! LOL

Thanks for all the comments on my blog! The one made me laugh.

"You Funny Lady"

Sorry...wasn't that on Saturday Night Live or something?

It is so nice to read another homeschool minded mom, who does all of the good stuff from public school.

We just took our kids to JCPenny. We got a great deal.
awww, you do picture day!!!
it never even crossed my mind that you would miss this because of homeschooling, until you mentioned that you're having it.
Naked, tangle-haired kids would not make for good school photos.
Hmm...I saw the photos, they're pretty good! Man, what a mad house! "Bruiser" didn't look too bad today, but she still has the scratches from her fall. We'll laugh about it later!
Well we took the shots from the shoulders up, so we could have done it sans clothing...but you might have had some looks coming into the library. ;o)

Things went really well until the large group showed up after the coop got out. That was a little crazy for about (felt like forever) probably only a 1/2 hour or so. Then it was pretty dead again and I went to get a coffee.

Can't wait to see Cheryl's shots. DH said of Darly's "well, you've got your mother's gums!" We both have really "gummy" smiles...poor kid. We might get retakes.
Well, I don't know. It might make for an exciting shoot...

When did you start only allowing Blogger ID comments?
Thanks for your interest in Squares 4 Survivors! I'm so excited that so many people have interest in this. It's a great thing to do, and it's very easy.

I hated picture day growing up...way to much stress in the morning!
Looking forward to seeing these.

Do the kids' heads still stop traffic?
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