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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!

Wishes for a Happy and Blessed Easter, from our Horde to yours.

I hope your Easter has been a nice one.

We went to church, came home for lunch, then I had a nap. It's a good day, so far!

We did the Diet Coke & Mentos experiment. That was GREAT! We've got it on video. I think it must have shot up eight feet or more. Thanks for passing that along. I'm going to try and post the video if Courtney will help me. I'm not sure how to do it.

As for your previous post... NO! I would not be at all interested in ever using homemade tampons.
Happy Easter!
Hsppy Easter, Jen. Thanks for visiting for my 200th post party.
I hope you had a fabulous Easter!!!
Hope your Easter was a good one too. Ours was nice & restful. Always a good combination for me & my hectic life.

BTW we were curious about what flavor of Mentos to use. Do they have to be the mint ones?
Back atcha! I hope it was everything you wanted it to be, and more.
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