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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Join the Band!

I don't know if everyone had this same experience, but when I started my blog there were months were I got no comments at all. It was disheartening, and blogging is a lot more fun now that I have a community of bloggers and we check in on each other.

Carol over at A Revision started Friends of the Friendless Marching Band, based on an idea from an episode of "I Love Lucy." Her plan is to find people who've been blogging along with little recognition for a while, and march the FFMB through their site on Friday to give them some encouragement, and pick up band members along the way.

If this sounds like fun to you, stop on over at her site and join up!

I really don't have time to join in any other blogging activities.
I just wanted to say have a great weekend :)
Sorry I have not been around much,kids go back to school tomorrow maybe my routine will change AGAIN then lol.
That sounds like an awesome idea!! Cool! I remember when I started blogging I rarely got any comments, and usually the comments I got were spam. :( But, I get more now and it sure gives me the energy to blog some more!
I used to go there and somehow when I git sick with a Flu thing which lasted for a couple of weeks, I got out of the habit! I will go back...It's a great idea and a great thing to be a part of, too!
I'm here from Wendy's today...So nice to meet you.
Thanks for the tip about the FFMB! Gave me a giggle...and I went and signed up.
I've been a FFMB'er for several months now. It's an awesome group of people.
I was thinking about it until I saw the Euphonium! It's a sign. I played euphonium in high school.
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