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Friday, April 21, 2006

A Limerick for my husband, Davin

(Just so you don't think I can only demonstrate mastery of the haiku form.)

There's no doubt he's the one with the smarts,
and he's got a fine sense of the arts.
He's my better half,
and always makes me laugh,
but he really does stink when he farts.
Davin's response? "Did you take Nyquil tonight?" He's pretty much seen it all....

Oh my...I love it! Your hubby must feel so special since you wrote that for him!!!
don't they all? LOL!

DH used to get so offended when Darly was in diapers and I would always ask "who's stinky?"
I think you had him on your side until the last line.
That sounds like something I would come up with! Dang stanky hubbies. LOL
Cute limerick!

Davin must be flattered!

I've never seen the movie, Tommy, that you talked about in the previous post. I have never even heard of it.
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