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Monday, April 17, 2006

Mighty windy here

It looks like it will blow our broken fence down, even though we've tied it to the tree!

We're so white trash.

Good luck with that. By the way, ours blew down last month. It's still lying there. So don't feel too trashy...or at least not alone.
Hang on!
I hate strong wind. It makes me grouchy.
What, what, what! You aren't trash, white or otherwise, and don't you forget it.
we have a tree snaped in half and a broken gate :)
The wind did blow our fence apart, which the dogs noticed immediately and started threatening to eat eachother's heads off...yeah right, whimpy Lilly & sweet Sophie are going to eat eachother.

Then DH found one of my patio chairs over by the fence! Yikes

And today we went to the cemetary and almost got blown away! It's up on a hill. The kids were having fun trying to return the fake flowers to their original graves.

A sad thing, one of the grave markers for a child was a piece of wood...but it's still there from 1997. We were suprised to see how many graves didn't have permanet markers...lots of funeral home markers. I share this 'cuz I know how much you're into it. :D
HA! I got you beat on the white trash...we've got a chain link fence!
The wind blew our cast-iron patio table over to the neighbor's yard the other day. Off our deck. Over the railing. This is a weird place.
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