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Sunday, April 23, 2006

A new letter!

'W' Gets Its Own Place in Swedish Language

The letter 'W' has entered the mainstream of the Swedish language, getting its own section for the first time in the country's most respected dictionary.

The few Swedish words that use 'W' have generally been borrowed from other languages — such as "watt," "walkie-talkie" and the "World Wide Web" — and have so far always been lumped under the 'V' section in dictionaries.
Wouldn't it be cool if we got a new letter? For one thing, it would keep computer programmers, like my husband, busy for YEARS changing all of the software, etc. Maybe we'd even get a big scare like that Y2K thing, we were eating beans for MONTHS in the beginning of the year 2000 when society didn't collapse.

What would our new letter be? Is there some sound we're spelling with the current 26 letters we have available that would be better served by having its own letter? Maybe something to replace the schwa "uh" sound, which as you can see here can be represented by any of the vowels we currently have in use. No wonder people find English challenging!

Maybe we'll get a 27th letter soon!
Just let me know when you are next in West Sussex! LOL. I seriously was in Colorado only a few days ago, where were you?
I never thought about the possibility of adding another letter to the English language. What a hullaballoo THAT would be!!
That would be interesting if there would be an additional letter to an alphabet. What would it be?
Thanks for dropping by.
He came, he went, he fixed it ....

temporarily, but I am not down to two flushes anymore - I have running water in the house again! :)

Thanks for dropping in Jen - I like your post about the fence...sounds like something we would do too.

Ooh, ooh...can we get another letter? Wait - nevermind. I really like the QWERTY keyboard. I don't want to learn a new one.
I've always thought we could use the French sound which begins with pursing your lips to say the letter 'o' but then say the 'e' sound. I'm not sure what we would call this conglomeration of 'o' and 'e', but we'd sure look funny trying to pronounce it.
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