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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Oh yeah, the check's in the mail!

I've had some fabulously high phone bills, but never $218 Trillion!

Yahaya Wahab said he disconnected his late father's phone line in January after he died and settled the 84-ringgit (U.S. $23) bill, the New Straits Times reported.

But Telekom Malaysia later sent him a 806,400,000,000,000.01-ringgit (U.S. $218 trillion) bill for recent telephone calls along with orders to settle within 10 days or face legal proceedings, the newspaper reported.
Maybe his dad's been making calls from the afterlife? I bet that probably does add up fast...

By the way, this is my 700th post! I just happened to notice that when I signed in this morning, and I thought I'd share.

Isn't that ridiculous. It has to be a bill for the entire country. I can't imagine!

how do you know what number post you are on?
Yay! Congrats!
I read that story yesterday. Yes that is outrageous. I hope he countersues for atty fees, and emotional distress.

Happy 700th posting to you
Happy 700th posting to you
Happy 700th posting dear Je-Hen.
Happy 700th posting to you.
Happy 700th post! May you write 700 more!!

That bill should be framed. What a butt puckering mistake that was!!
Wow-I don't think even my kids could rack up a bill that high!

Congrats on your 700th post!
700, congrats!!!
this post is all about big numbers.
Happy 700 !!
Congrats on number 700!!!
Congrats on 700...very cool!!!
I heard about that. If I opened that bill, I would fall over.

Happy 700 posts, to you!
Happy 700th! Congrats.
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