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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Prayers Requested!

My stepfather, Clarence, nearly suffered a heart attack today. Fortunately, they read the signs correctly, and he was in the hospital when it started and they were able to prevent it surgically. Right now he's OK, we'll know more tomorrow.

Oh yeah, to add to the drama, they had to evacuate much of the ICU because of tornados today. He couldn't be moved, so they closed his drapes. I'm sure THAT helps a person's heart!

oh gosh! many prayers & thoughts. On a lighter note-- who knew all you had to do was pull the drapes to be protected from a tornado. ;)
The closest I come to prayer is coming your way fast. I am sorry to hear about all of that. Thank goodness they read everything correctly...and quickly.

Are YOU okay? I know that it can be hard to have a compromised relative.
Thanks for asking, Rowan. I'm just waiting to hear more. I was relieved to hear the worst was (hopefully) over.

I'm worried for my mom, she's the one "on the ground" dealing with this.
oh gee, i hope he's going to be ok. he's certainly in the right place, they'll keep an eye on him. i didn't know it was still tornado season.
Wow, you've got my prayers for your stepfather and for your whole family. I'm so glad he was able to get medical help so quickly.
Ouch. Praying here for Clarence.
They closed his drapes?! Oh my word.

He's in our prayers.
I wonder if all of us praying at our homes counts as "two or more coming together to pray"?
At any rate, I know that God has heard us and is answering our prayers.
Prayers are certainly sent.
You have my prayers. *hugs*
I am so sorry
*big hugs*
Sorry to hear that, Jen. Prayers are coming your way.
Well, at least if the windows broke, he wouldn't have the glass all over. Other than that....

We had tornado stuff happening by us too. I hope everything is ok with your stepdad.
Are any of your kids those cool Indigo Children I've read about. If so, one of them should just go visit him and impart their healing powers.

Seriously, I hope he gets well & stronger. I'm so glad the heart attack was avoided by early detection and quick response. How scary to go through that and then have tornadoes to worry about.
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