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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Thanks for all of your concern about my butt

It seems to be about the same.

I am wondering if I could call a surgeon and schedule a "radical rump-ectomy," thereby taking care of both my "pain in the ass" and "baby got way too much back" problems at the same time. Do you suppose my HMO will cover that?

Jen, I've got that Baby Got WAY Too Much Back condition too.
I hear it is not terminal, though, but it is usually incurable.
We big-butted ladies just have to stick together and support each other.
Let me know. I need it, too ;)
I don't know about your HMO, but mine sure wouldn't cover it. I think that my HMO believes that the letters stand for another language that means "Don't pay for anything!"
I'm sorry this has been such a rough week for you, and that I added more worries during a time when you already have more than enough...

Thanks for the nice comment on my blog...

(((hugs))) and prayers
Sounds like an HM No.

Medically necessary= Even if you are bleeding out your eyes, we will still need 3 opinions and you only get a 3 hr recouperative stay.

But there's only a $15 co-pay.

I don't have the restrictions of the HMO, we have that lovely HSA with the ultra high deductible. We can go for anything, we just have to pay for it...retail.
Sorry to hear about your butt. Deep tissue massage can't hurt.
Do you know any small Asian women? ;-)
Butt reduction? That sounds cosmetic. Hope you're feeling better!
Massage might be a good idea. I'm short - not small, and definitely not Asian. Sorry I live so far away.
Sounds legitimate to me!
It could be worth a try lol.
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