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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Thursday 13

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about EFFUSIVE JEN

1. Man, 13 seems like a lot, doesn't it?

2. Which is weird, because if you were all here, I'd have no lack of things to say.

3. In fact, I'd probably be dominating the conversation, hopefully in a charming way.

4. But, if I can't do charming, I may just resort to "nervous, never-ending chatter."

5. I am getting better, though.

6. Sometimes I can shut up for whole blocks of time.

7. I mean for real, not when I'm sleeping or anything.


9. Look, I just did it right there!


11. Look, I did it again!

12. Hey, I think I'm really good at this whole "shutting up" thing now.

13. I hope so, I'd hate to think all of my elementary school teachers were right when they said I was a good student but "chatty" and marked me down for it... No matter, I'm done now and need to contain the chattiness for good today and post this.

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LOL that is a great list btw how is your butt ?
My butt is deteriorating. Too bad it isn't shrinking...

Thanks for asking!
i imagine the chattiness in you is what makes you special!....dd #4 is like that and i believe it is what makes her special.
1st time to your TT. Mine is up
funny how most of us are posting the TT a few minutes after midnight. ;) found it works best that way! why not be chatty? chatty people are usually not boring! and i don't like boring. my TT is up.
You crack me up! Chattiness is something special! hope you can sit down to have your coffee today :)
Did the aliens abduct 8. and 10. LOL

Chattiness? Never!! :)

My 13 are up.
For not saying much, this T13 was actually cute! ;)

My T13 is up!
I am always stuck at home while my hubby is at work and our daughter is at school with no one to talk to except for the dog. They can't shut me up when they get home.
It's hard to come up with 13 things sometimes!

My 13 are up.
My kindergarten report card says, "Can't keep hands off of other children." Wouldn't we have been a pair! Glad Clarence is doing well. Are you sure your butt isn't shrinking? It looks smaller from here.
LOL! I am a nervous chatter too. In fact, I always want to slap myself after social functions when I think back on the night and realize I talked the entire time. Oy.

It's getting harder to think of 13 things, isn't it? I struggled today!
hehehe. I just love lists that are so personalised like this.

Have a great TT :)
My TT is up
Elle x
my hubby said that blogging is just like talking too much, and that's why I am into it. my tt are up!
Yowza, Jen! 14 comments already and it's just 8 AM here in Cincinnati.

I do wish I could meet you for real. I know you'd be a total hoot!

Happy Thursday!
I'm not a chatty person though there are times when I do talk too much...LOL Really enjoyed your TT today. *s*
I can't believe I'm going to admit this, but I was the same way in school - so much that the teacher called me "Motor Mouth Mary." Yeah - try to get over that one! ;o)

My tt is up!
LOL! Wow, you shut up twice! That's hilarious!! Thanks for the early morning laugh!
Loved your TT! My TT is up now too!
How cute - thanks for the laugh! I hope your butt feels better.
Your back with 13! Apparently your butt is better since you are sitting to type out 13.

Mine are up!
LOL-- your first 2 comments. :) Chattering away is a good thing. Have a wonderful day!
What a cute post. Don't be quiet--then we won't have anything to enjoy reading. :)

Thanks for stopping by my TT. Happy Thursday!
. ! ? ....

(I guess there's hope for blogging chatterboxes everywhere)
Ha, very funny!!! Love the list!
Isn't it so hard to come up with thirteen things sometimes?!?
ROFL! That was great! I especially liked your "quiet" ones. Too, too funny!

I tend to be the more quiet, reflective one, but if we were hanging out? I would egg you on and keep you talking. lol

Very entertaining! Happy TT!

Mine are up.
I wish I were more chatty. I'm one of those "comfortable silence" people...I hope.
What happened to your butt?
My TT is up.
Thanks for the good laugh. I really enjoyed your TT.
What a great list! I hope I can be that creative when I'm not thinking of anything to say!
I have that chatty gene too. Mine really rears it's ugly head when I am nervous...
Glad to know I'm not alone!
That is so FUNNY!!! Don't worry about the chatty thing. I was always a chatterbox and my mom and dad just let me talk. But at school I would be quieter because I was shy. I could always chatter away when I was with friends or family but would clam up when someone new walked up. It is always good when you can manage to be quiet for a few minutes and listen just so you don't miss anything.......oops, I think I have been a little chatty!!!!!(LOL)

My list is up!

I know about the whole butt thing, since I had surgery there at xmas. It %#%#%@ HURT!
Hope you feel better soon!

I'm Playing.
Ha! I cracked up. This could be my list. I think I'll just copy it, change Jen to Kimmy and use it next time ;)

My 13 are up!
I do the random nervous chatter thing, too. That was cute! Were you going for cute?
Hiya Jen! I like this Mr. Linky dude! Looks pretty cool and I'm going to check it out. Glad you butt's better and thanks for always making me smile! Seems I come here when I really need it. I can always count on you.
You are so clever at getting out of your 13 responsibilities!

My TT is up.
i'd say you deserve an A for this one!
i'm hoping my youngest is able to take two moments to stop chatty soon...she's so going to stay in trouble when she hits high school...

now gotta go see what's up with your butt, curious now. lol

thanks for stopping by!
I love your chatty self Jen! You out chatted me cuz I didn't TT this week...oh wow, I just realized that it is still Thursday and I could go do one...but then there's all that linking stuff and bah.
Sorry we missed you today, hope that Superman is doing better.
I like the number 13, but not the number 14.
hey there! cute list! hey, did you ever live in ohio? your pix reminds me of someone, named jen, that i used to work with?!?!?!?!

thanks for coming to my t13 today! im a little late in getting back to all my visitors today!
I just put up my first TT this week. I can't believe all the incredibly creative lists and blogs I'm visiting because of it.
I loved what you did especially when you "shut up for a whole block of time" - excellent.
Looking forward to your next week's list.
Take care,
OK I'm very late..sorry. That cracked me up and was muchly needed.
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