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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

6th BlogOlympic Training Camp!

It's not too late if you hurry!

Rush over to craziequeen's palace and get your game on!

Editing to add: It's over now, and I won GOLD!!!! We've been waving the Jen's Horde Flag (unfurled toilet paper) and playing the Jen's Horde National Anthem ("Hey Dad! WILL YOU WIPE MY BUTT?!?") all afternoon. It's a demonstration of pride the likes of which the Horde has never shown before.

i have absolutely no idea what this is all about. aren't the olympics over?
Congrats on the gold Jen !
BTW auditions are over and the results are posted on my blog as well :)
Thanks for playing in the Blog Olympics Training Camp and congratulations on your gold medal. I've posted the overall standings.
Congrats on the gold!!! Very cool!
Oh sure, tell us 15 mintues before it's over. I hope you and your gold medal are very happy ;-)
Hey that is great, but I am glad I visited your house MOnday instead of Tuesday.

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