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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Anya got headgear today!

And it doesn't look even a little bit like the jaw trap from the movie Saw!

jawtrap from saw

I'm not sure who Shawnee Smith's orthodontist was here, but I think I'd shop around a little more...

I'll try to snag a picture of Anya wearing said appliance if she'll let me. It's one thing to hang around the house in it, it's another to have your mom blast it all over the world wide web.

Yes, the ability to embarrass our children really went up with the advent of the Internet! Woohoo!

I love that picture of y'all at the top of Pike's Peak! I have one of my and this blanket-covered lump that is my baby (now 13 years old) at the summit after my brother's graduation from the Air Force Academy. She was only out for a short time, as it was snowing and freezing (in June) but I wandered around for a while.

Happy day, Jen!
I had to wear headgear at night for a few years...but at least I never had to wear it out of the house! It was a pain!
I had to wear a neck gear for a year or so (doc gave me two neck straps so I could go swimming and let them dry out.)
And when that didn't seem to be working he put me in a headgear but that was only at night.
I lived. I thought it was pretty cool actually.

Although when I first got my neck gear it was in the morning and my Mom decided to take me back to school afterward. I got back to school during lunch, but had missed my class. So I had to eat with kids I didn't know, by myself and then I had to figure out how to eat around the appliance. It was tricky for a few minutes.
What a small world. My youngest got braces the first week of May, & my oldest got them just last week. It's been a rough month for us, but we'll survive.
Evil mom, just evil. I mean, how you could bear the guilt of totally ruining her life forever! HA HA HA! Can't wait to see a pic!
gee, i'm not sure if i should say congratulations or not, but she will love you years from now when she has perfectly straight teeth.
Headgear is designed to embarrass!
My TT is up...where's yours?
I'm 17. I have just had to have a headgear (neck strap type) that I have to wear 20 hours a day. Hugely embarrassing. There is a notice in the teachers' room that says I have to wear it except for mealtimes and sports.
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