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Monday, May 15, 2006

Ballband Dishcloths

This is what I've been knitting. There are more in the process, but this is what's finished...


This is the dishcloth pattern that came from Mason-Dixon Knitting. Actually, apparently it comes from the ballband of Peaches & Creme yarn, so I've thrown it away probably 6 million times, but without a picture it just looked like a hard and crappy pattern and I had no idea how cool it would turn out.

I can't wait to try the other patterns in this book! There are so many neat ideas here. Gotta run, more to knit...


neet! You're making all of these for us right? ;o)
Very cool! Happy Mother's Day!
Looking real good :-)

No Monday Memories exactly, but never the less a good read anyway.

My MM is up...
Looks great. Someday I learn to knit. Stop by for my MM.
Hope you had a good Mothers Day :)
Very cool...good job!!!
They look very nice. Very much like little bricks stacked into a wall. Hmmm, do you think you can make a really long one for the Mexican border? ;-)
Hey--what's your family vacation? England? :)
Cool stuff! All I have ever knitted is scarves (and leper bandages for church - but those work the same as scarves) - these look like fun.

I hope you had a Happy Mother's Day!
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