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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Don't Anybody Panic!

I know this is a bit extreme, and I don't want anyone to worry that we've joined a cult, but we cleaned and vacuumed the upstairs today. This isn't odd in itself, but it hasn't been months, nor are we trying to sell the house. In fact, we just did this recently, and, well duh, it was much easier this time.

This is part of our new "Get it clean, keep it clean" protocol of housecleaning. Radical, I know. But, then those of you who associate with us regularly aren't surprised, as you know we try to stay on the cutting edge of domestic philosophy and technology. This replaces our old system, referred to simply as "Oh crap, we've got out of town guests coming! Can we clean this place enough in the next week that they won't think we live like animals, or should we just burn it down?"

Thanks for all of the well-wishes earlier. Whatever it was seems to be over, and left us all with cleaning fever. OK, it left the adult in charge with cleaning fever, and everyone else around here knows what's good for them...

Who are you?

And what have you done with Jen?

Whoever you are, put your hands up slowly and step away from the vacuum...
LOL! That soooo never happens at my house. DH loves it when I invite someone over because the house gets fairly clean...some of the stuff gets hidden in closets or rooms that we can keep the guests out of, but most of it gets clean.
Poor guy... no one ever comes in our bathroom so it hardly ever gets cleaned. TMI?
Oh. My. Gosh. Quick, I need CPR. Bwahaaahaaa Bwahaahaa...(So sorry, we are watching Austin Powers...Look...I'm zippy Longstockings!)

I am most impressed, guess what I DIDN'T do today (I know, Wed. I get the house spotless, but Man oh man, Ethan must have gotten into catnip or something because he's gone haywire and I've spent the entire day chasing him and screaming things like "NO! DO NOT CLIMB TO THE TOP OF THE ENTERTAINMENT CENTER!" and "We do NOT play with knives!" and "Do NOT pee on your brother while he's sleeping!".
I'm glad you got rid of the gut bug.

We live a comfy, casual lifestyle.
I make sure the bathrooms are cleaned and the kitchen, and keep up with laundry and basic order around the house. This does not include the kids' rooms, which look like tornadoes hit them.
If who or whatever possesed you comes back and feels like cleaning, I'll send you my address.
Good for you. I wish my husband understood that philosophy!!
I'm glad you're feeling better.

I go in cycles with cleaning - for weeks I keep on top of everything and it feels great. Then, I'm sick of constantly cleaning and I let it slide. Then, I get tired of the crud and start cleaning regularly.

Hope your kids stay on board with the new system!
teehee. Your viewers comments are just as good as your post!

Your words always put a smile on my face!

The most distressing part of this post is the use of the pronoun "we." Are you sure you didn't mean to say "I cleaned/vacuumed the upstairs?"

You cleaned just to clean? What the...???
You always make me laugh, Jen! I get irritated with the chillens, who destroy the house the minute that I'm finished cleaning it. I always stand in the middle of the destruction and say, "I'm gonna put a match to it some day!"
I could use a little of that cleaning bug myself. My heart is never into cleaning. Never! I do it only because eventually the crap would kill us ;-)
Sorry about the above. Our wireless mouse is going nutty.
Sounds like you've been following some of the FlyLady's philosophy! Am I right, Jen? Good for you. Now how 'bout motivating me!!!!!

I'd like to invite you to join our brand new family friendly BLOG VILLAGE TopList at
I still go with your "Oh crap" Theory when it comes to cleaning.
I like your blog BTW!
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