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Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Eternal Don't Bee

No time for the Thursday Thirteen this week! Check here next week, same Bat time, same Bat channel, and it will be here.

We finally got to see the Bodyworlds exhibit that I've been so excited about for months now! It was amazing, just absolutely fabulous. Seriously, get in your car and drive to the nearest town that's hosting this exhibit, you'll be glad you did.

One scary thing, though. They had several sections of the blackened lungs of smokers to view (the best news I can give you is that the lung from the guy who worked in the coal mines was worse, other than that it's all bad) and some tissue from other disease processes, like skin cancer, arthritis, liver cirrhosis etc. And, they had cross-sections of a person who weighed 120 lbs at death and one who weighed 300 lbs at death to compare. Being a fat girl myself, it was interesting, yet sobering to look at how much the extra adipose can affect every organ...not that it's news, you just don't normally get a real-life, inside-out eyefull of it for yourself.

My mother in law decided she wanted to leave the museum, and go home and eat nothing but salads from now on. I agreed, there's nothing worse than thinking about leaving your body to a project like this, and ending up being a DON'T for generations to come...

O-kay! I think this fat girl might stay home?

Seriously, I'm glad you had a good time. I just now got my TT up. I'll never get on the stick.
We found that part interesting too. I think that after seeing Bodyworlds & seeing the Slim Goodbody show there will be nothing that can convince Darly that it's a good idea to smoke. (I even asked her if she could think of a good reason to smoke and she rolled her eyes at me.) So that's good news.
I was just so curious about what was the cause of death for those people (Bodyworlds again) but they don't give you that info. And I found myself forgetting that those were all once real living people.
How great that you got to go see that exhibit.
I'd like to see it, but I know I would be a little apprehensive about it. I would still go though.

I hope you are not still holding your breath!
It's an excellent teaching tool. I wouldn't donate my body for it. I'm very glad I'm not a ChiCom.
I don't get it, Cube, you've lost me.
Darly answered your questions, Jen. But her answers to Leanne's are better. :D
I saw a similar thing on the Oprah show. I think it's facinating. And yes, it makes me want to eat salads and become an honorary Lalane. Hi, Meet my dad Jack. Couldn't stand the thought of leaving my body that way. Guess I better put down the Symphony bar.
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