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Friday, May 05, 2006

Ew, can't look!

Just jumping in quick to say that we have a veterinary emergency here today. One of our pet mice has a very awful looking problem and we need to leave to get her in to the vet. To find out what the problem is (I wish I didn't know, so I'm giving you the option) click on the .*.*. below.

Mice are so hard. She was fine the day before yesterday.

Editing to Add: We can't get her into the vet until tomorrow. Apparently mice are considered "exotics." Yeah. She cost less than $2, to me that doesn't scream exotic. Well, unless you're a skanky dancer I guess. Then you'd probably have some weird-looking infection, too. I don't think that's the mouse's problem though....

One of her eyes looks infected, and is protruding out of its socket. :-(

Sorry about the googly-eyed mouse. I hope a course of antibiotic drops takes care of the problem.
Awww, poor thing!

I raised mice for a psychology experiment in high school. The stupid things kept killing each other (I'm not even going to tell you what happened after that). I was psychotic by the end of the semester, much less the survivor mice.

I hope you can get yours taken care of easily and quickly.
Oh, I hope they can get that fixed up at the vet...not good!
A cat could get rid of that mouse problem. :)

No, really, I hope the meece gets better.
Hope your little mouse gets better soon!
Hope your mouse is soon well. Happy friday.
what was wrong with the mouse? I know of one that has the same problem now, no vet nearby. one eye actually was infected and protruded so far it was hanging out and got all hard. not sure what to do. other eye is getting infected too.
We were told she had some how injured the eye, either by scratching it on something in the cage, or the other mouse had bitten it or something.

The vet gave her an anti-inflammatory to help with the pain, and we just had to wait. Over the next week or two the eye just closed up.

I hope your mouse is OK!
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