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Monday, May 08, 2006

Happy Mother's Day, Old Lady!

I can see how this might be taken wrong by some folks, but I'd be pretty happy getting this as a gift.

South Koreans traditionally used to say it with flowers or money, but now more are showing love and respect to their parents by giving mom and dad coupons for cosmetic surgery.
I don't know what I'd fix first. My butt and boobs have been heading south for a while now, and I see that my chin is starting to follow, maybe one of those?

What would you have done if you got a free pass for some surgery (assuming it was totally safe and you were OK'd by your doc to do it, etc.)

My front butt/sharpei would be the first to go. Of course, that's after we're done having babies and I've lost the last 10-15 lbs I need to lose. My boobs don't have very far south to go (holy cow are they small when I'm not nursing)--and though a nicer boob would be ideal, I will NOT put sacks of fluid in them. I need a thigh reduction too....liposuction!
I would def get a tummy tuck and a boob light...gravity has not been kind! :-)
Rhinoplasty. I broke my nose as a small child & never got the bump fixed.
My boobs, they need to travel in an upward direction. And a tummy tuck.
Any one of you need a donor? Have plenty. I could just lob one off and then even it out.

I'd only go for a double-chinectomy. I hate that thing with a passion.
I won't list mine as you would come over here and kick it off of me...which would be a whole lot cheaper...hummmm...considering the pain.

Funny about the S. Koreans doing that...because when we were there we learned that they are very much into buying name brand stuff and looking as if they have tons of money...but they don't have credit cards. Also there is no social security system there, so when you're old and can't work you have to depend upon your kids to take care of you.
My neighbor's maid used to be a very rich lady with a maid herself, but then her husband died and none of her children lived long enough to take care of her she had to start cleaning houses to take care of herself. I have to wonder if part of that was just a story to make my neighbor pay her extra though...if it was, it worked.
I could have had a maid there if I wanted one. They weren't very expensive. However, another neighbor's maid spilled bleach in a trail from the bathroom to the laundry room. So that kind of scared me off.
Oh my hips would LOVE that as a gift! They refuse to diet or exercise, they just hang around like bumps on a log, know what I mean?! Give me surgery or give me a sarong!!
Tummy tuck, definately
I'd go with lipo or a butt lift.
I wouldn't dare let them touch my eyes. It seems when people have their eyes done, they always look very odd. I say leave the eyes alone, wrinkles and all.
Also, I'd leave my B-cup ta-tas alone. They are small enough that they are not sagging, so I will leave well enough alone. Sure, filling out a C-cup would be great, but I'll just have to settle for my little uns.
Definitely liposuction on my butt and thighs. Get rid of my growing double chin (thanks to my mom). Fix my nose.
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