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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Hillary's Outrage

Hillary rips climbers who left dying man

Mount Everest pioneer Sir Edmund Hillary said Wednesday he was shocked that dozens of climbers left a British mountaineer to die during their own attempts on the world's tallest peak..."There have been a number of occasions when people have been neglected and left to die and I don't regard this as a correct philosophy," he told the Otago Daily Times.

"I think the whole attitude toward climbing Mount Everest has become rather horrifying. The people just want to get to the top," he told the newspaper.

Hillary told New Zealand Press Association he would have abandoned his own pioneering climb to save another's life.

"It was wrong if there was a man suffering altitude problems and was huddled under a rock, just to lift your hat, say 'good morning' and pass on by," he said.
It's not certain what could be done for a person who's gotten into trouble at such an altitude, but then, they did get Beck Weathers down. That's very much the exception, though, and not the rule. Perhaps fellow climbers could only offer comradery, and the comfort of listening to the last words of dying.

It seems there are times when some must be left so the others can get down safely. But, must a companion be left while a climber is on the way up? Is the summit more important than basic humanity?

I appreciate that Sir Edmund expressed outrage at the practice of leaving climbers for dead while continuing a press for the summit. Obviously, not everyone will return from an Everest expedition. But for those who return it seems preferable to be able to say that you acted honorably on the mountain. Tagging the summit holds little glory if your actions are savage and self-indulgent.

That's it... I'm not going to climb Everest anymore!
Some people's kids!
LOL at Uisce! I can't imagine that someone would leave another human to die! The world truly has gone to hell.
I'm ashamed of them.
I hear ya!
Yay me! I made it to the top! Oh yeah, poor chap didn't make it, I guess we could drag his body back down?

Um...seriously disturbing.
We don't the situation or what could have been done, but I would hope that if there was a chance to save a person that they would make that their top priority.

No mountain climbing for me! I'll settle for a humble hike now and then.
I agree with Mr Hilary. I was so disgusted with what happened. There are so many people going up and down, surely they could have done something. I know if I was stuck on a mountain dying I'd be pretty miserable (apart from the fact that I were dying) if everyone would rather say they got to the top of the mountain than try to save my life. I'd like to think I'm worth more than a minute of someone's glory.
It was really sad wasn't it? I read it and was so angry, then I noticed that Hilary had remarks and that really caught my attention (Because we studied Everest a few years ago for a semester at the anniversary of Hilary and Norgay's reaching the summit).

If nothing else it led to an impromptu lesson on Human Life and Human Selfishness. PURE SELFISHNESS.
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