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Thursday, May 18, 2006

The "Ketchup" Thirteen


The "Ketchup" Thirteen WITH PICTURES!!!

1. Today I don't have a theme, I'm just catching up on everything that's been going on.

2. I am putting this up a little late because we spent the day at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. "Cheyenne Mountain" is apparently Native American for "Steepest Dang Zoo in the World."

3. Here are my kids "hatching" there.
CMZ- Hatching some kids

4. Check it out, I got permission to show you all Anya's headgear! She's so cool.
Anya Headgear

5. Anya loves chickens, so here's a chicken costume she created and wore the other day. She was very proud of it, and excited to be wearing it.
Chickie side view

6. We spend a lot of time making costumes around here. Maybe they're artistic, maybe they're freakyweird, only time will tell!

7. This is something goofy that Anya and Tiernan made. I give you "The Oatmeal-inator" and "Captain Plastic!"
The Oatmealinator and Captain Plastic

8. Back to today. It was REALLY HOT, and did I mention the zoo had very steep paths? We were all very hot and sweaty by the time we left.

9. We decided to go to a drive thru and get drinks. The first one we passed was a KFC/A&W.

10. I ordered each of the kids a root beer, and then I looked at the menu and saw they had a size "extra large" drink. I thought, ooh, I'm so thirsty an extra large sounds really good! So I ordered an extra large Diet Pepsi, and found out that MAN, when they say extra large, they mean EXTRA LARGE.

11. What a huge drink!

12. Yes, that is a HALF GALLON of Diet Pepsi, and it has a handle like a bucket. It was so huge that it didn't fit in any of the drink holders in the car and I had to improvise. Good thing no one uses the car potty any more, and we keep it clean (albeit dusty)!!!
Drinking out of the toilet

13. So, I ended up drinking out of the toilet today, how are things going for you?

Editing to Add: I carried the drink around for over 4 hours and didn't finish it. I ended up getting rid of it. The cup itself is pretty amazing, I may keep it and use it for something. A lunchpail for Davin perhaps? Any ideas?

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LOL! I love it! Thanks for the laugh before I head off to bed. Gosh, those cups are huge! I'd be peeing all night with 1/2 of one. -Mix
Homina homina! That's a major bucket o'pop! I just love that you shared cracks me up.

I once carried my then 5-year-old through our zoo on my back. For three hours. As we walked into the zoo, she revealed that she'd rubbed a blister on her foot walking into the zoo. I looked at it and sure enough there it was. I've often wondered how many calories I burned that day.

Have a good day!
Only in America when they say extra large would they give you a bucket sized drink LOL
Nice alternative use for the portable toilet :D
I can't believe they would serve something THAT big! But it makes for a funny blog post. Nice how we can turn any adversity into blog material.

About the crow feather...I just twisted it up in my hair and wore it straight up like Jeronimo!
Love the list. I'm new to your blog, but really like it. Oh how I remember my days with headgear. Wearing it wasn't the bad part, I only had to wear it at night, but oh did it hurt!!
Now that's what I'm talkin' bout size Diet Pepsi...Love it. Can't stand Diet Coke. Love the costumes. I remember the L.A. Zoo being very UPHILL!! Whew! I remember how uncomfortable wearing braces were. It was all worth it! Have a great weekend and Happy TT!
OMG that's a seriously big drink Jen! Were you able to drink half of it???

That's so funny about your drink holder. hee hee

I slurped down so much water today and I went twice before we left the zoo, but I had to go so bad that I didn't think that I would make it to the Lone Tree Target...but I did.

Darly really wanted a snow cone, but it was time to go so I promised her an Icee when we got to Target. So today my Darly had her first ever Icee...she's adicted now. I've created a Monster. hee hee
Tell Anya that she looks very cool in the headgear and thanks for sharing with us.
Never seen anything like that bucket!

Great list!
That is way cool! I love it with the kids hatching and you drinking out of the toilet. LOL! This was a great TT. Thanks for stopping by mine. And yes, I got to use the surfboard. It is such a beautiful place.
If you kept the empty in the car, it could be the toilet for emergencies. Hmmm. . . I don't drink pop but. . .
Anya just showed she's got a great sense of humor!

Now about that chicken costume... lol, I love the fact that your kids have such great imaginations and that you encourage it, not many do. But then again, look at their mom! are Julie and Scott? Not seen them for AGES, I hope they are okay and doing well.

Big hugs!
Oh.My.Goodness! That is HILARIOUS! I LOVE that car potty! And of course...what ELSE would you do with it after you don't need it? HELLO...a DRINK HOLDER!!

Too funny...I thought TACO BUENO's large drink was large!!

Nice to meetcha!
Now THAT'S a drink. After drinking all of that you might have to put that potty to use!!!!
I love it that your kids are so creative. That is a great thing. I don't think kids are encouraged enough to use their done good!!!
Thanks for stopping by my T13.
Might as well pour the drink right into the toilet, because that would happen anyway! Thanks for visiting my TT.
My daughter had to wear headgear years ago. You have been busy haven't you. Love the pics. Have a wonderful weekend. Be Well...
That is one big drink!!! And what a perfect dring holder...very cute! :-)
thanks for stopping by my TT...yours is great too! I love pictures. As for the lady that hit my dog...honestly, she can ask me to pay for her car..there is a leash law in the neighborhood area...but, where we were there is one other house besides mom's, empty lots and a bird sanctuary. My husband was taking the dogs out to pee in the yard (no leash law there, pup saw a dog, ran out to greet it and got hit by the, what am i to do? Check out my other look at the comment an "anonymous" reader left....mean SOB's...
LOL! Sounds like you guys had a blast.
I still owe Cheryl a coke for driving ya think she'll be happy with the "gallon-o-drink"? ;o)
Oh that drink is hilarious...what I want to know though is how much was it? (See my brain clicking...I could serve all of use from that one jug LOL)

Cool headgear too Anya!! I had the same stuff when I was in 7th actually I didn't, I had the one you had to wear OVER your head that did wonders for your hair. Thankfully it was a "Sleep only appliance".
I'm cracking up! That is one huge cup.. er.. I mean bucket. And the drinking out of the toilet... mwahahaha! I'm rolling. :)
Holy mug! That's a whopper of a drink!

I love the egg hatching pic, what a cool thing to have at a zoo!

Anya looks adorable, she smiles like she knows it. What a beautiful young lady!!

There's nothing better than costumes and toys made from common household stuff. Kids get so creative! I remember when my oldest made flip flops out of paper for our little one. Staples, tape, a piece of paper and crayons, and boy was she stylin'! There's nothing better than being a parent and seeing that kind of imagination at work. :)

Have a great weekend!!
That's some drink! They just don't sell stuff like that over here, nope nope nope! How long will Anya have the headgear for? Poor baby!
Anya is cool; I agree! I hope she goes through security somewhere and sets off the alarms. What fun! Courtney set off the alarm at the airport due to her watch. It was funny watching her face when that alarm went off.

That is one BIG soda! My bladder is aching just looking at it.
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