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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Ladies, PLEASE!!!

A Public Service Announcement from Jen's Horde.

In what can only be termed an unprecedented day for the horde yesterday, we visited two shopping malls in our area. (I was looking for these, and returned successful from the croc hunt!)

In both malls, since I was foraging with 5 tiny bladders including my own, I had reason to visit many, many bathroom stalls. And I saw one egregious offense over and over.

Ladies, this peeing on the seat has got to stop. Everyone thinks it's disgusting when the guys do it, so why do you think it's OK for you to commit this act? I'm sure you're squatting in an effort to try to avoid catching some horrible disease, but honestly, you're the only ones defiling the seats for future users. Look up any major disease and the information will tell you that you can NOT catch it from a toilet seat.

So, do us all a favor. Sit all the way down, or save it until you get home. No one wants to find a seatful of your nasty urine waiting when they get to the bathroom. Even my four year old son is neater in his toilet habits, and he's brand new at it!

And, I don't even want to start on the number of people who don't wash their hands after, goodness gracious what is this world coming to?

I have actually come to realize that it isn't the hover maneuver that results in the spottage on the seat. It is the inablity to thoroughly wipe the entire region. You're seeing the drippage from the back as they resume standing up. (I had a friend with CP and assisted her several times, and she was sure she was thorough, but inevitably, there was a drip or two from the ascent.) I always carry a few baby wipes in my purse for just such an occasion.
wasn't me, i swear, i always go before i hit the malls. and nice sandals!
And even if they do squat, when they turn around to flush (hopefully) how can they not notice the pee on the seat??? Grab a little extra TP and wipe it off yourself!
Dorothy, that could be. Then you wonder if all of these women are leaving their toilets at home like this? It's icky, whatever the cause. That's cool that you're able to help your friend with CP, I bet that's a real blessing to her.

BSTS-That's a good practice, I wish we could go that long!

Lass-I agree, they must know they've made a mess!
OK, too much information... please everybody, just clean up after yourselves so we don't have to hear about these malfunctions. OK?
I'm in total agreement with you on this one Jen! EWWWEEE!

But I've also encountered these power flush tolites that shoot water (dirty? clean? who cares?) back up on the seat. EWWWEEE!

Saturday night we were at Church and someone decided to be funny and lock two of the ladies' stalls and crawl out. So one of the teens came in (apparently the person who had done it bragged about it to her) to unlock the stalls. So she crawls under and unlocks and then procedes to leave the bathroom.
I say "Um, girlsname? Don't you want to wash your hands after crawling on the floor?" and she says "oh yeah."
Get some disinfectant! Get some iodine!
So I guess those shoes are comfy, huh?
Pee on seats is hitonious! I abhor foreign toilets.
A foreign toilet is any toilet that is not in my house.
In AR, you rarely find toilet seat covers. I HATE that!
They have them at the airport and hospital, but even most restaurants don't have them.
Yeah, iodine is a disinfectant. And, you'd know the seat was clean because it'd be red.

The shoes are really comfy! I have to say that the flip-flop style is taking some getting used to. I haven't worn them in a while so I don't know if it's that or if they have a big post, but the between the toes part is annoying me. It's worth it to get used to it for how comfortable the footbed is, though.
Okay, if it was clean when you sat down then whatever is there belongs to you. It so then it is your own pee/germs so wipe it up for goodness sake. You ARE going to wash your hands anyway!!

Honestly, I work in an elementary school and I don't see that much of this so why can't the grownups get it!

Ya know, I think women are just as bad as men in the restrooms. At my old job..the disgusting toilet seats I witnessed..I still want to gag.
I know iodine is a disinfectant, but it also leaves a longlasting stain. I don't know about you, but I don't want to go through life with a red butt.
But it would be a clean red butt, unlike those weird monkeys at the zoo...


I know what you mean.
I always use a paper seat cover. Or hold it. Or pee my pants because I was trying to hold it.
I can't say I disagree.
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