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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

My Mother's Day!

Mother's Day on Pikes Peak

We rode the Pikes Peak Cog Railway to the summit of Pikes Peak (14,110 feet), arriving just in time for the blizzard! We were only outside about long enough to take this picture, because there were so many lightning strikes on the summit during the storm that it wasn't safe to be out in the open. The rest of the time we huddled in the doughnut shop/gift store, hoping we'd make it down OK.

It was a real adventure, tons of excitement!

Then, we headed back down the mountain, and into shirtsleeves weather again. I love Colorado!

We spent 19 hrs in the snowstorms of the mountains in CO. I think "love" is too strong a word when you're praying to make it down ok.

It looks like you had a ball though and I'm glad you did. ;~D
)))))oh that looks cold(((((
What is Sage looking at? Didn't she do that for your Mt Evans photo too or was that Maya?
I'm jealous!! It's great you made it up there, I really want to this year.

LOVE the snow gear and the fact that you REMEMBERED it! ;)
I might have forgotten.
Yes, that WAS Sage, what a dork!

Maybe she wants to be "the twin in profile?

How funny that you noticed that!
If you look closely, it appears that she is smiling in both if she did that on purpose.
I wonder how many other family pictures she has done this in? Does she not know to look at the camera? nee nee nee nee
BTW: I'm so jealous! I wanna go up there too. But I don't know if we'll try for when we do the Manatou trip or not. I think that we'll want to drive up though. I wonder if my deer crushed car can make it all the way up that "hill"?
Happy belated Mother's Day! Looks like you had fun!
Cool! ... on many levels ;-)
That looks like fun!
Oh wow! That's totally cool. I've been up there once. I'd love to see it again. Colorado is beautiful.
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