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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Oh jeez, someone get me a bucket!

Oh hurl oh hurl oh hurl oh hurl....

As you know from my other post, there's something wrong with Meika's (one of our pet mice) eyes. They just found out from the vet that it's not an infection, it's an injury, and she'll lose the eye. But, don't worry, it will just go away, just dry up and fall out and just be gone one day! Isn't that comforting?

Breathe breathe breathe

I just don't "do" eyes. Give me a good skull injury, or bleeding, but not eyeballs, shudder. Apparently they've given us medication to help her along, and she's otherwise healthy, but OHMYBLOODYHELL she'll be missing an eye! And where will it go?

I have to go, I need to find an eyepatch for her or something. This just isn't going to work out for me...

LOL! An eyepatch for your mouse. I'm not sure if a vet helped it along, but most animals that I've seen who were missing an eye look as if they've just closed their eye. It's all covered in fuzz.

I'll wait to visit until you give the all clear for eye fallout. ;o)
The eye will go away, and you do not want to know any more. You could do the tiniest crochet project ever!

I am now picking animals by the worst that I can handle so there are no snakes (I could not stand feeding them) and no birds (they never shut up).

Ok. this is ewww on so many levels.
1. you have pet mice. That is just icky. (I am sooooo not a mouse person)
2. You have a one eyed mouse. That is to funny and really icky.
3. his eye will just fall out. That's gross. Does he eat it (ok, I have just over -ewwwwwed myself)
So, the eye just shrivels up and goes bye-bye?
That is hitonious!
I wonder if humans ever have this particular eye injury and have their eyes just dry up and vanish?
I've never heard of such a thing!!
See this is what happens when you buy teeny little Red Rider BB guns for your mice. They put their eye out!
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