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Friday, May 19, 2006

[sarcasm]No, really?[/sarcasm]

Runaway Bride's Wedding Reportedly Off

The runaway bride who generated a media storm with her phony tale of abduction and the fiance who took her back have broken up for good, the man's friends and family told People Magazine.
That actually took longer than I thought.

I'm not trying to be snarky. Ok, just a little. But, seriously, I'm not the only one who expected this to turn out this way, right?

I think your title says it all. I believe that I read earlier that this woman needed help. I hope that she got it and is still under the care of a doctor.
I think the split is for the best.
nope. you're not.
I'm with you on this! it takes all kinds, I guess :)
She said she has some "personal issues"?

Ya think?

You know, I'm sorry that she does but if she knows she does and she's not doing anything about it, I have no patience for her. This is why I'm not a practicing psychotherapist. Having children took a lot of the psychobabble sympathy out of me.
I thought the guy was a psycho-saint for staying with her. I would have thought that her little episode was a WAKE UP call to NOT MARRY the crazy lady.
You are certainly not alone on that one, Jen. What bugs me is that the woman is still making news for not getting married. Hello? I can just see her mom rolling her eyes at the reporters. "She's just doing it to get attention..."
Well duh. Who splits four days before their wedding, then actually works it out.
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