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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Thursday Thirteen


A Random Thirteen

1. I thought I'd start with a few heartwarming moments from this week's interactions with the children. I never know what they're going to say or do.

2. When explaining the term "liposuction" to a sibling, Maya said, "It's when you suck out someone's fat cells ON PURPOSE!" As opposed to?

3. Sage found a pair of nylons that I'd scavenged the toe out of to rig the fishtank filter so it wouldn't suck up the babies. I didn't realize how unusual this item of clothing was until we had this exchange when she asked what they were. I said, "Oh, those are pantyhose." And she replied, "What's a pantyho?" Um, I'll tell you when you're older.

4. My daughter Anya marched up to Maya with a piece of paper and told her, "You know, you spelled 'jackass' wrong, it's j-a-C-k, not j-a-K-k..." Nice. A+ for spelling, now both of you go to your rooms.

5. I'm still not sure what she was writing "jackass" about, but since I'd caught Maya cursing like a sailor earlier when I walked in to the room after loading the dishwasher, I'm sure she wasn't referring to the Biblical transportation.

6. I'm not sure where they get this damn language from, but it sure as hell better stop soon!

7. Tiernan has been riding his bike around the house pretending to be a realtor. The scary thing is that he mostly just tells me we need to clean the place up so he can sell it.

8. We've lived here since before he was born, how does he know what it's like to put a house on the market? Maybe he was born to sell homes?

9. Of course, I hope when he's a realtor he doesn't ride around in Superman skivvies with painted fingernails and toenails (he's got 3 older sisters, remember) and draw crosses on his know, for when he's "Hospital Guy."

10. He's also sometimes "Wire Guy" and he fixes electrical appliances. Still naked.

11. Other times he's a cat. But, when he's a cat, he's a girl. And, yes, he's still naked.

12. Although, the kids did spend an inordinate amount of time making clothes out of garbage bags and playing in them in the yard. The rule was that if they saw anyone else out, they had to come in, but I could hear the property values plummet all the same.

13. Maybe that's why Tiernan's being a realtor? He wants to get in on the ground floor as this neighborhood goes "white trash" in a handbasket...

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It's funny that we both have friends named "Maya" :) Thanks for the hugs, Jen... *hugbacatcha*
Kids! Kids! You just don't what they can come up with sometimes.

My TT is up too.
You have a wonderful sense of humor. Reminded me of a friend complaining about his -then- 8-yr -old's bad language, he didn't know where it came from... I refrained to answer to him: from you and your other hobby-sailor friends!Happy TT!
lol at kids, they are hilarious.. though I love how they say it like it is.

Great list. Yes you never know what kids are going to do or say do you? :)
Pantyho - love it!
When the children were small we were reading out of the bible together when the youngest daughter suddenly pipes up "what's a w-hore". I sometimes think the Bible should be x rated :)

Have a great TT day
Elle x
They spelled jackass wrong! Priceless. My friend has a little girl, and if something goes wrong, she looks very exasperated, and says "Oh Dammit".

My list is up
ROFL at "jackass". OMG - it sounds SO much like my 2 oldest would do.

You are too funny!
That jackass one made me giggle a little on the inside. Sounds like really cute kids.

My T13 is up!
Oh my gosh! That was hilarious - especially #6! You are so funny!
Ohmygosh! Your blog just cracks me up! Thanks for sharing!
I love it!! Children are wonderful

My T 13 is published
LOL!!!!!!!!! That's hilarious! #4, HA! :)
LOL! Kids truly are unpredicable, aren't they! My TT is up.
What is this pantyhose that you speak of? :-)
HAHAHAHA it's just too funny about the jackass spelling bit and tiernan saying about selling the house!!! I laugh my head off! u got cute and funny kids there!!hahahahaha sorry cant help it! happy t13! mine is up
Gosh kids do say and do the darndest things! I look forward to Justice growing up and amazing me with such experiences, he amazes me now though too. Fun list! Mine is up!
Very entertaining, as usual Jen! I especially liked the cursing and where the hell do they get that kind of language! LOL

My boys are constantly warning me to watch my language. I know, bad mommy! Happy TT!
LOL! This is great. Kids certainly keep us on our toes and make us laugh till we cry.

Happy 13!
What a funny week! I hope your kids don't teach mine to talk like that!
We were watching Arthur yesterday and DW learned a new word "BLEEP!" and she thought it meant that when you heard it you dropped whatever you were holding. Luckily she didn't tell her grandma the word while she was holding the new crystal bowl!

I'm up fefyfomanna: Thursday 13: Cute Bunnies!
Great TT!
Your kids sound really fun! How hilarious that the one has picked up realtor techniques mysteriously!
thanks for the laughs.
my tt is up.
I always come to your place when I need a good laugh, Jen. It helps me remember to laugh at my kids, too. Thanks!
LOL! Kids say and do the darndest things.
#6 cracked me up!!! What fu%king language skills are you teaching your kids? Holy Sh!t, Jen, watch your mouth around those young, impressionable minds. Ha, ha, tee, hee, haw!

Thanks for the hearty laugh today, Jen! I'd decided (since Xanga is down) that I'll have to piece 13 quilt blocks today and that will be my TT. Of course, I've only done like 5 so far but I'm trying!

BTW, so far my fingernail-painting daughter has withheld her magic from her brother's nails, but she was heard wishing aloud the other day that she had another sister so she'd have more nails to decorate. Please don't tell her about Tiernan. I don't think my hubby would survive the shock. :-)
Now I know what we need to sell our house - a realtor in Superman skivvies! thanks for the laugh!

My 13 are also posted.
I once painted my male boss's fingernails and toenails at a Christmas party. Dang, I love being the only sober one at parties. You can really mess 'em up. I alternated neon yellow and green on the toes. Then periwinkle fingers. We got him a paintball vest that year, and so he did kinda look like T, 'cept he doesn't remember.
My twin boys both run around in their underwear half the are WEIRD...

Happy Thursday!
Funny list. "jackass" hehe that ones great.
Kids, they always say something fun or cute or wise :-)
Laughed so hard at number two.
Very funny list! Loved it!!

Happy Thursday, my TT is up!
Kids are hilarious. It's hard to imagine life without them.
My TT is up.
LOL So cute. Can't say which of the 13 made me laugh the most.

My TT is up.
That is a great TT. Kids are funny. I like the naked kid stories. My nephews, when they were younger, like yesterday, would come home and take off their clothes. Most people, just the boys...naked Boys are strange
Very funny TT!!!

Mine is up at
Love, love the realtor one. Being a realtor myself I know that a messy home won't sell. It's got to be clean, clean, clean!!
That is frickin' hilarious.

For the record, I think my realtor should show us homes in his superman skivvies.
That is hilarious. I love it. Your son has an incredible imagination. What a wonderful thing. He will never be bored.

(You know, I can finally see your sidebar stuff. I haven't been able to see it for a long time. Did you do something different?)
Jakkass,,,the first time I tried to tell my parents that someone had tried to tell me the f word, I put an "n" instead of c...imagine how agahst I was when I saw that word written many times in polite company...(with the "n")
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