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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Calamari Knitting

I made this rug from an idea I found in the book Mason Dixon Knitting, a FABULOUS book that I suggest you run out and buy right now if you have any interest at all in knitting outside the box. The "pattern" is called Calamari Knitting because you cut up old T-shirts into rings, loop them together and use that as yarn. (Anne H., it's a lot like the grocery bag stuff we've made!)

T-Shirt Rug

I used T-shirts that had holes in them, were stained, or were failed tie dye experiments, so no useful T-shirts were harmed in the making of this rug. I cut the loops between 3/4" and 1" wide, and used US size 35 needles. There are probably 20-25 T-shirts in there, but many of them were children's sizes so I think you could get by with less if you were using adult Ts.

Oh, and the new washing machine is in, and it's SO QUIET! That's another thing that was awful about the old machine. The first time we ran a load, we thought there was a helicopter landing on the roof! I'm sure that most front loaders aren't as loud as ours was. But, on the minus side, the clothes aren't nearly as dry when they come out of the top loader as they were coming out of the front loader, that thing spun its heart out every time. I guess it wasn't all bad.

That's an interesting name for the knitting. Do the pieces look squid-like before you knit them up?

I'm glad you're happy with your new washer. No more pounding the clothes on a giant rock by the river for you ;-)
This looks fun...I might have to check into it...or put it in my pile of things to check into when I get time. I like what you made, though...
Pretty rug. I don't do knitting well. the closes I come to it is that circle knitter thing that can be bought in the craft store. I can make hats, scarfs, and shawls with it. But limited to much else. Your rug I like. And as many T-shirts as we go through what a neat way to reuse them!
This post brings to mind a story that is totally unrelated to knitting.
We were out to dinner in Monterey years ago, and when the waitress asked my FIL for his order, he said, "I'll take an order of the rangs."
She said, "What?"
He said, "The rangs."
It took awhile, but we finally got it figured out.
The menu offered "Calamari Rings."
My FIL, who is from MO, shortened the menu item and just called them "rings" which he pronounced "rangs."
Oh, the memories...

Nice rug!
That is very cool Want to get paid for one. I need a mat like that for my back door.
I like the mat. Fun recycling project!
I saw a "kit" of this type of thing at Wal-Mart the other day!! I love the recycling part.
That looks totally awesome!
totally love the rug and how cool about your new washer.

I still don't know if I'll be getting a new dryer, or if DH will try to tinker with my old one...the darned thing is nearly 14 years old! I deserve a new one...he's just hoping to get something for the old one. bah!
I love it! My grandma used to make the same type of thing...she used them as rugs. I should really get into knitting.
love the rug, what a cool idea!

My mom has a front loader and we always joke that a jet plane is swooping over the house when it starts a cycle. You're right though, they do spin things drier!
You're so thrifty! I think my grandparents had a rug like that.

Yay for the new washer!
ooh cool, I like that rug idea. I am working very slowly on a large rug from the grocery sacks which made me extremely aware of how many grocery sacks I use above and beyond the few that are used for the cat box or dog poop and then I had to start using the cloth bags at the grocery store out of sheer embarrassment. I am going to start a sack for old t-shirts now, that would make a good bathroom rug.

Sorry about the front loader. So far so good on mine. I like how dry the clothes are so I can hang dry them more. Not worth it for a leak however.
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