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Monday, June 12, 2006

Happy Birthday, Davin!

Today is Davin's birthday, he's a prime number! He hasn't been a prime number for six years.

Happy 37th Birthday, Davin! I love you!

Happy Birthday! I still don't know what a prime number is. You can tell me and I won't understand. I'm just no good at math.
Thanks for the birthday wishes. I guess I feel like a prime number. Prime usually is good, and I feel good today!
Happy Birthday, Davin!
Happy Birthday, Davin! I wish I was still 37 - that sounds so much younger than 40! :)
Happy Birthday!!! I hope Jen gives ya something good for your birthday ;)
Happy Birthday Davin! I think I'm prime too... isn't 39 prime? too tired to check.
Hey, and now he can say "I'm 37; I'm not old!" and maybe even mean it. (I'm kind of assuming you're that kind of geeks, too.)
Happy Birthday to your man!!!
Happy birthday Davin. I stopped by hoping for a MM, but hey, I'm flexible.

My MM is up.
Are you sometimes called Dennis and look like an old woman from behind?(Ha ha Scone)
Hope you have a fantastic birthday with your fantastic family. Good Times.
Er, my geek must be asleep, I didn't get the Python reference right away! Thanks for clearing it up! I am glad that my job doesn't involve carting around filth, even "lovely filth" as Dennis's did apparently!

Thanks all!


BTW 39 is not prime, 3x13, but it seems like one, doesn't it? It is a multiple of a prime...
Happy Birthday, Davin. You're in the prime of life ;-)
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