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Friday, June 23, 2006

Hello, my name is Jennifer, and I'm a yarn-o-holic.

You think I'm kidding, don't you?

Do you know that right now, I have in my possession a huge bottle of vicodin pills that I can take for my fibromyalgia, and I have NO problem NOT taking them unless I'm in terrible pain. But, I can't believe what I actually purchased today when I thought I was of perfectly sound mind and body.

I actually bought one (1) skein of yarn, that will knit up into two (2) socks, and that skein of yarn cost me $22.00.

The hell? If I saw a pair of socks in a store for $22, I would NEVER consider purchasing them. Because that would be stupid. But apparently when it's merely yarn with potential sock energy, that makes it OK.

In my defense, I've never made socks for my own feet and I wanted to treat myself. And this is "100% luxury merino fingering weight" machine washable yarn in a luscious colorway.

That makes a little sense, at least, doesn't it? Go ahead, enable me.

Here's a photo of the skein on the back of the chair that I sit in to knit. Just so you know how I usually shop, I should tell you that the chair cost me $10.


Admit it, it's awfully beautiful, isn't it?

Anyway, I'm allmmmmooooooossssstttttttt finished with Davin's truly enormous socks. Still plugging away, and will take a picture as soon as I finish!


Sometimes we just need to have a treat! Your yard is beautiful, enjoy!
I cracked up when I read that the chair cost $10
The yarn looks soft and perdy too, also, as well.
Love the yarn! can't wait to see the socks. And unless you're still nursing Tiernan, I can't come watch you feed him. ha ha

I normally DO NOT make home visits, this one was my second ever and the first one was horrible, if that kid was still nursing a week later it will be a miracle. However, after this one I felt much better.
I forgot to tell you that this woman that I visited the other day lives over by you...she was giving me directions and I was like "I'm goin to Jen's house!" he he
Beautiful yarn!!! I can't wait to see the finished product.

I won't even spend more than $2 on a pair of socks (can you say "clearance"? LOL) But, like you, I'm addicted to the process and would probably buy yarn as such. I KNOW I've bought fabric and ended up spending more than I would have if I'd found the product on clearance somewhere ;)
you do indeed have a problem my friend! my sister is also a yarn aholoic, but you may even have her beat!
LOL! potential sock energy. Love it. Don't fret though, a treat now & then is perfectly acceptable.
It is gorgeous yarn. I buy crafty stuff like that when I get the chance, so we don't let me near those stores anymore.
Will you teach me to knit?
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