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Friday, June 02, 2006

Joy and Sadness

Have you all seen this? It's the blog of a family detailing their daughter's recovery from a horrible car accident, where she and her co-workers were riding in a large van. They were all either injured badly or killed.

But, what they didn't realize until a month after the accident, was that the girl they were watching over and praying for wasn't their daughter at all. There'd been a mix-up at the scene, and their daughter was dead. This girl was a co-worker that looked enough like her that neither family realized the mistake until now.

So, the second family is now carrying on the girl's care, having thought their daughter was dead this whole time. And the other family is going home without their girl. I imagine both families are in shock.

They are asking for prayer, both for the daughter's healing, and for the first family who are dealing with their loss.

Jen, I can't thank you enough for sharing this. Laura was involved at a camp that my church is heavily connected with. A lot of people at my church knew her. We received the news earlier this week, but I didn't know there was a blog. I have passed along this link to my pastor to share with our church family. I appreciate your sharing this. Thank you!
I just can't imagine how horrible and bad the accident was that both families couldn't recognize their own daughter. It is very sad indeed. My prayers I hope will reach them.
Have a nice weekend.
Isn't it sad, I can't imagine what those families are feeling right now (first off...the sheer elation for the family that "Got their daughter back", but the heartbreak of the other family.)

I read that Whitney (the one that lived right? That they thought was Laura) was thrown from the car and had facial fractures. And the when Whitney's family was told she had died they declined to identify the body, choosing to remember her as she was. I also read an interview from a coroner that essentially blasted the coroner from that town for making such an error.
Yes, it was just such a shocker...those poor families!
I heard about it on another's a very sad story. But I'm glad the girl in the coma had someone by her bedside.
I saw it yesterday. Reading through their blog was heartbreaking.
i heard about it on the news. veyr sad and also amazing that they didn't recognize her as their own daughter. i can't imagine the joy and pain that each family has faced and now has to switch... so sad
This is so sad. Just so sad.
I did a little research and found a bunch of local paper articles. How truely sad for both families.

Their faith is amazing. I can't imagine God's plan for this (but then He normally doesn't fill me in on these things.)
I can't imagine going through such a thing. So sad...
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