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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Make the Connection

Merck Pharmaceuticals is giving one dollar for cervical cancer research for every free bracelet kit people order here. I found this at Snopes, which has also listed a lot of important information about HPV and cervical cancer, so go check that out, too.

HPV is so common, and it seems like the word isn't getting out how many women are at risk because of this virus.

So, don't forget to get your superhappyfun yearly exams (I've written about one of my more memorable ones here) and go order a bracelet kit today!

Isn't this great? I don't know why they aren't making us even pay for shipping, but if Merck wants to do it, that's fabulous. (and thanks for the heads up on Snopes - I've never heard of it)
I'll def check it out...thanks!
I think I can pass on this, Jen.
I ordered mine. Darly is excited...she loves making stuff. I doubt that I'll even get to make one of these.

oh, thanks for sharing!
Going to check it out - thanks for the heads up!
Those annual exams are a real joy.
I usually request that the doc uses the biggest speculum he has and I ask that it be refigerated before insertion.
I just ordered the bracelet kit.

Thanks for the link.
I just got checked a few months ago. All clear here!
Thanks for the free link share! I ordered one for myself and I sent one to my mom!
It's borken now.

Too much demand.
See what you went & did, jen. Due to high demand, they can't take any more orders. Sheesh. ;-)

Good work.
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