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Friday, June 09, 2006

Modest Swimsuit

I'm thinking of buying a suit from here. Partially because I like being more covered up in general for modesty reasons, and partially because I'm a big girl and this looks like it would help with the "rubbing" issues (you big girls know what I'm talking about...)

I know these look different, but they don't look bad, and certainly no worse putting my pasty avoirdupois on display.

I love the internet!

The top half reminds me of the suits that surfboarders wear. Of course, theirs are fitted on the legs.
I don't feel comfortable in a swimsuit unless it is just my family around. Otherwise, if I am out of the water, I always have a cover up on or a sarong tied around my waist.
I don't spend any time sun bathing. It's not my thing at all. I've never enjoyed laying out under the sun. I like to go boating and enjoy swimming, but you won't find me slathering on oil and baking in the sun.
That's what great about being a man -- you don't have to care at all what you look like! :) (actually, though, that's not true -- we just don't want you all to know!)
interesting, and I know what you mean about the rubbing thing.
It's too bad they don't have some place local to try them out first. I just hate ordering and then sending back stuff because it doesn't fit or I don't like the way it fits me afterward.

It looks like a great suit. You've mentioned them before. Maybe you should go for it and try it. Worst case you don't like it and send it back and best case you love it and join us at the beach.
They look very interesting. I have seen more suits with skirts as part of them but these are the first ones I have seen that deal with rubbing issues. I love swimming and it is really a great exercise so I am glad that we have more options in swim suits for the time out of the water,

Does this mean you can come swimming soon?

It's hard to buy something without really being able to see it and try it on, isn't it?

They do look a little like a surfer's suit... is it the same kind of material?
We bought our modest swimwear at Carlotta loves her suit and gets complimented on it everytime she's at the pool. I like the swim capris and wraps. They even had one for my Rubenesque physique.

These are nice too though.
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