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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

News from Rowan!

Kajsa's rocking a new kidney!

In honor of this fabulous event, I'm posting a link to a great list Rowan wrote a while back: Thirteen Myths and Facts about Organ Donation.

Yay, Kajsa!


My Pastor in TX had this bumpersticker in his office that read "Donate your organs because Heaven doesn't need them." or something to that affect.

I was raised to believe in organ donation and cremation...why clutter valuable land with what's left of me when the most important part will be in Heaven anyway?
Go, Kajsa! I hope she continues to do well!
Thank you for sharing this. An on-line friend in a group just died yesterday awaiting a lung donation. She had lived over 10 past the expectancy for people with cystic fibrosis but that is little consolation to her husband of a few months.

I will give them if they will take them! Good reminder that our friends and family needs to know our wishes.

I'm proud to be an organ donor!
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