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Friday, June 30, 2006

No Blogging this weekend

As we will be camping with our Girl Scout Troop.

It should be pretty interesting, because we're sharing the campground with a bunch of latter day hippies who are camped out waiting to see Bob Weir and Ratdog, and The String Cheese Incident at Red Rocks Amphitheatre. So, when Tiernan decides to shake off his cumbersome clothing and dance naked as he is wont to do, he'll fit right in.

As always, if you want to break in while we're away, be sure to clean a little before you leave...

Well, breaking in all depends on what kind of food you have in the house.

P.S. I tagged you on my blog for when you get back. :)
Have a fantastic time!!!
Have a great time!
Have fun! I'll lock up before I go... and no I didn't eat all your cheesecake. I left you some crumbs ;-)
have a gay old time! I only break into people with things I need.

Oh, wait you have that expensive yarn, I might have to stop by!!
Have a great time! Remember, if you run out of TP and have to wipe with a leaf, choose one very carefully.
Coundn't you take your com,puter with the girl scout troop?
I hope you're having fun camping with the troop. It's a perfect weekend for it!

I really appreciate all the good thoughts and prayers this past week... thanks!
Hope you guys are having fun, and taking some pics of the hippies.
How did you keep clothes on that boy? ;o)
If you get a chance, run on over and check out Bob Weir! Rock On!
A latter day Hippie,
Have a great holiday weekend.

Happy Independence Day!!!! Make sure Tiernan is clothed when holding sparklers. Tender skin will be exposed and could get burned. :)
Oh, I'm all over know how hot I am to clean other peoples' houses.

When I grew up in hippie-mecca Austin, it was unusual to make a trip to the lake or Barton Springs and not see naked flower children lying around. I'd probably pass out if I saw that today, middle-class, middle-American that I am.

I hope your son stays dressed...
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