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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

On that note, I'm headed back to bed!

I got an early morning phone call to alert me that a friend here in town is in labor and to start calling her prayer chain. I can't think of any better reason to get up at 5:45am!

While logging on to post the news for her at the online homeschool support group we both frequent, I saw this headline:

Sleep loss, air conditioning may be making us fat

Well, I'm keeping the A/C, but I'm going to take their advice and go get some more sleep.... ZZZZZzzzzzzzzz

Editing to Add: I never did get myself back to bed, no wonder I'm rotund. My friend had her baby before 9:30 (even my one-and-a-half-pound preemie didn't come that fast!) and she and her new son are doing well!

If air conditioning makes you fat, then I'm destined for a life of obesity. Can't live without the AC!
Her labor could take hours...why would you call so early?! Just crazy!!! :-)
She wants us to pray during her entire labor, so she called when she knew it was starting :-)

It's OK, when I offered to be on her list I knew that babies come any time, day or night.
Does the lack of sleep take account for kids that get up at the crak of dawn? hahahahah
Sleep prayer eh? I've read that lack of sleep is a big contributing factor. I will be trying to get more.
I've heard about this story and can tell you it is true. I just spent a week at girl's camp and can tell you first hand that when it's sweltering, all you want is a few veggies and lots of water.
There is such a thing as asking us fatso to give up too much.
Or these new fat guidelines can be a load of hooey... insomniac skinny people have A/C too!
I hope that all went well and that your friend has a beautiful little bundle. I will say a prayer for her is great to have a new baby
Congrats on your friend's new baby boy!
Babies make me happppy!!

I get plenty of rest, but I like my AC. I guess that means they cancel each other out, which is why I'm chubby. If I get rid of the AC, I will be skinny. If I stop getting a consistent nightly rest, I will be fat.
Chubby it is! Because I'm NOT going to turn off the AC and I'm NOT going to lose sleep over that silly report.
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