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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Snap, Crackle, Pop

More like thunk, sizzle, SSSSSSSSSS, kerchink!

I never got to the garage sales yesterday, I never even got out of my neighborhood!

I stopped to buy gas and wash the car, and before any water even hit the glass (note there was NO cleaning done) the back window of my minivan SHATTERED!!! It's hard to see here, but it's cracked into tiny pieces throughout the entire frame. I just went straight through the car wash without stopping, figuring that wasn't where I wanted to be when the water actually started.

Davin and I looked all around the car wash to see if something could have hit the window, and it appears that it may have just been failure due to the heat of the window glass and just enough water dripping from inside the car wash?

Isn't it pretty?
Back Window, no plate

no freaking way! that sounds unusual that water would do that no matter how hot the window was and how cold the water was... what kind of van is it?
I just saw another green van just like yours with the back window all pastic covered today. I knew it wasn't yours but thought maybe this is something that fails on your van? Well then I would have seen more,....

It's a Dodge Caravan.
That's just horrible! You should get your money back for the car wash! Seriously though, I sure hope Chrysler's going to pick up the tab for their crappy glass!
I showed my dad...the engineer...and he said "oh, yep, I know what that is: cold water on hot glass!!" He also said there's a junk yard on 6th ave that often you can buy the glass for very inexpensive then have it installed.

Sorry to hear this! I will be thinking twice about a car wash!!
Oh, not good!
Holy crap!
What a shame! If conditions are just right it doesn't take much stress at all to make glass shatter. It's not really a solid, anyway. It's a super cooled liquid. If the molecules are disturbed in just the right way, it suddenly becomes a solid ... in little pieces!!

Well, that's enough Chemistry for today, children. Seriously, I hope your insurance will cover your costs. Such a freak thing, and no yard sale finds to make it all better, either.
Good grief! We had our window spontaneously crack in a cold wave but not shatter. Makes me scared to get into mine!
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