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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Socks-ual Intercourse

No 13 today, I'm trying to finish Davin's socks! One is completely finished, and I've completed the gusset decreases and I'm into the instep on the second. The NEVERENDING instep. (On this site they refer to it as the body of the sock, just in case you were wondering where I am.) This is positively the last time I marry someone with freakishly long feet!

I'm hoping to post a picture later today!


When my husband takes life to seriously, I have told him my next husband will be crazy.

Long feet, eh?
good luck with that. My husband has long feet, but last time I checked they were not to freakish!
My husband has a freakishly large big toe.
That is something that I def would never want to go girl!!!
Ya know, foot size wasn't one of my criteria when I was in the market. ;o)

I'm sure that he appreicates all your hard work on the socks you make him.
Whoa, are you knitting 13 socks? Or size 13 socks? Just be glad he's not a basketball player.
I haven't tried knitting socks yet. Maybe this winter. Please be sure to post a picture (and any tips!).
Have a great holiday!
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