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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Some math for you

Crocs Shoes
A Whole Day at the Colorado Renaissance Festival=

Renaissance Feet

We had a FABULOUS day, it's so much fun now that the kids are old enough to appreciate all of the costumes and decorations, and get a lot of the jokes at the shows.

I love, love, LOVE those feet! So cute!

It would rock to go the that festival.

Thank you for your prayers about Kyle's family.

It has been a long time, no? I'll be sure to visit you again soon.
Why are Anya's feet the messiest?

Sorry I just notice these things. Glad you had a great time. We'll have to go sometime.
Was there anything educational?
I read the previous post, and I can't get over the "hollodeck girl" thing. FUNNY! Go geek power!!

I'd say the feet in the middle win the award for most grimy.
Ha, how cute!!!
Renee must've read my mind because when I saw those feet, I thought to myself is that Anya in the middle?
Looks like perfect feet for a Ren Festival!
I'm not sure how Anya ended up more filthy than her sisters. Tiernan was even worse, but by the time we got home he was collapsed in a little ball crying about how tired he was, so there wasn't a photo op there.
Do you like crocs? I have been thinking of buying a set for ME, but can't decide.

LOVE those messy feet!...and feet like that are the reason we have a mud room! LOL
I love Crocs shoes, and I'm really picky about shoes because I have feet issues.

Go get some, run, right now!
Are those your kids' feet? They are cute! Make sure they get a GOOD massage. :)
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