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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Thursday Thirteen


Thirteen Ruminations onJEN'S Sanity

1. Do you ever wonder if you're going crazy?

2. Or maybe if you're already crazy?

3. Like you start overthinking everything, and then you end up with really weird conclusions.

4. For instance, am I the only real person around, and everything and everybody else is just my imagination?

5. Or, am I in a straightjacket in a padded room somewhere, some room painted a soothing shade of pink, thinking I'm talking on the phone and typing up my 13?

6. But, then, if I were imagining my reality, wouldn't I have made up a better one for myself?

7. I'd be skinny, and maybe I could fly.

8. And my kids wouldn't fight so much.

9. And I'd have money, too, don't forget that part.

10. And my favorite songs would always play on the radio, none of this ZZ Top crap.

11. No offense if you like ZZ Top, there's more of them for you this way. When you go crazy, they can play all day long in your imagination.

12. So, I guess I'm probably relatively sane.

13. Pity.

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Nothing wrong in being crazy!
I would definitely be skinny and have money. I must be sane too, lol.

I agree with Julie.. no shame in crazy! :)
lol I think we are all a lil crazy

Thanks for stopping by my place :)
hahah ... love that flow of thought!

Thanks for commenting on my dinner guests - and you knew who Eddie was! Oh bless you, child! hehe YEY!

hey I'm the queen of crazy.. and I'm lovng it.. And btw... ok about the trade.. you plant flowers I'll take heat :P
nah, I'm not crazy. Everyone else on the road is crazy. lol.
Hey you know - us Jennifer's have to stick together!! Most of my best friends are Jennifer's too! LOL! Great 13 btw - we kinda think the same too!
I'm always thinking I must be crazy!
My TT is up too!
Tough day at the institution?

Thanks for stopping by my TT.
How'd that Seal song go, "Well you're never gonna survive... unless you are a little crazy." That's me too.
I don't consider this as relatively insane just wacky. (Lol)
I think we all have this kind of ruminations.
My T13 is up too.
I sometimes wonder if dreams aren't our real life and this is the dream or if shadows and reflections might not be more real than physical matter. I'm not kidding. I think about that stuff.

I use to have a bumper sticker that said WHY BE NORMAL and I hung it on upside down!
Isn't there a saying that there is a fine line between genius and insanity?
OMG! I could have written this! Crazy! I've thought the exact same things. Too bad they don't have a medication for reality.
I agree, no shame in being crazy, especially if you can come up with a list like that :)

Have a great day!

P.S. I'd definitely qualify, since I do #3 and overthink everything. LOL
LOL...nah, not crazy, YET!
Or maybe you're sane but everyone else is crazy - but they think you're crazy and they're sane.

Funny list.
Sanity is not what it's cracked up to be. Just blame it on the kids!
I have one...what if we are all just blobs but our vision makes us think we are humanoid?

Don't think on that one too much, cause it will drive you nuts!

Thanks for stopping by my TT!
Absolutely brilliant!!! :) Perhaps we are all crazy?
Hmmm, Could it be im crazy!!!
Very funny T13. I am in a straight jacket most days, but they let me out on the weekends.

Congrats on your silver medal - it is ready for 'pick-up'.
Craziness is de mother of discovery, could be father also, cause I've heard people say necessity is the mother of discovery. Why give room for family confusions???
gr.. sorry i messed!
I HAVE had thoughts like this! Funny how your thinking goes if there is no one around to distract you.

Kind of reminds me of how you can look at a word for a long time and convince yourself that it is misspelled...(is that mispelled?:-))
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