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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Thursday Thirteen


Thirteen Things about JEN

1. Do you ever feel like you're running as hard as you can, just to keep still?

2. But, the whole time you're doing that, your house is just getting messier and messier?

3. If not, I want your job.

4. There's nothing bad going on, just a lot of little stuff. If I listed it all, it would be so boring to anyone not actually involved that my #13 would have to be "Wake up blog readers and send them on their way."

5. I don't want to do that to you, so I'll just have faith you know the sorts of never ending stuff we all deal with.

6. Speaking of messier and messier, I'm so excited now that we get the DIY Channel and I can watch "The Queen of Clean."

7. Also, Knitty Gritty, which is even cooler than it sounds.

8. Well, I think so, at least. The kids are getting a little sick of it. Seems only fair after 10 years+ of PBS Kids...

9. Oh, and in knitting news, Davin's socks are complete!

10. They were actually done last week, but then he took the camera, and his feet, camping. So, I had no models for the socks, and no way to take a picture even if I did!

11. I guess I could have laid the socks out carefully and painted a portrait of them, but if taking a photo is a challenge for me time-wise, that's even less likely. Plus, I don't know how that Bob Ross guy does it, nothing I paint comes out right. I certainly wouldn't have produced a still life filled with happy little socks...

12. Now behold the majestic not-quite-matching socks in all of their blazing glory!
Davin's Socks

13. The Yarn Harlot says that when this happens, it's not a mistake. It's merely that the socks are "fraternal twins," which is good enough for me! Davin is very pleased with them, and isn't worried about their "quirkiness" either.

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i'd like to try knitting. but i hope it's not too difficult. maybe i'll download a tutorial...

by the way, quirky socks are nice. they can cheer people up!
I can knit quite well but socks are beyond me! Well done.
That's pretty funny to refer to socks as fraternal twins! LOL! Great T13!
Quirky is a good thing. At least you can knit...not me...maybe one day.
I'm in awe of those socks. :)

Hope things get a little better.
Love the socks and the twin quote! Too funny! Knitting is not in my doable list so I admire that you can!

My T13 is up. Have a Terrific Thursday!
Those socks look great!!! You did a wonderful job on them.

Btw, I would love to get the DIY channel...but I guess I'll settle for my Food Network.
Those are very cute socks.

I just don't get knitting. I think I am in too much of a hurry, because all I end up with is a huge triangle. Every. Single. Time.
I LOVE the socks. I really like that preprinted yarn. Whoever came up with that stuff needs a hug. And a raise.

Amen to 1-4. I always feel like my chores and need to do list equals 10 things a day and I only finish 6 of them. Some times I think that washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen is a waste of time. You can clean all the counters off and 5 minutes later someone puts their plate, fork, and glass there.

My TT is up.
The socks are awsome, great job!! Used to be able to knit simple socks, but that was loooooong ago. Happy TT!
Intresting list. HAHA I agree with the part that no matter how hard you try sometimes you dont get anywhere and things just get worse! My TT is up. Check it out.
Messiness is the sign of a happy, lived in house. (Well that is my excuse anyways.) Great list and love the socks! -Margie
Hey those socks look pretty good - and comfortable too. :) I tried knitting a long time ago and I was hopeless at it. I'm a lefty though and I think that made it harder for people to teach me.
Great socks! I don't know when I'll get to catch up at my house... I'm just so drained this week. Hopefully I get some rest this weekend....ha ha
It takes a real man to wear "happy socks." lol Seriously, too cute!
Will he wear them to the office? Are you living vicariously through the Queen of Clean?

Mine are up and popping.
The socks are awesome, I'm so impressed!

I love your $22. yarn... Don't feel bad about it costing more than the chair. You deserve a nice luxurious pair of socks!
A perfectly clean house is a sign of someone who has nothing better to do--that's my story, and I'm sticking to it. :)

Love the socks.
"But, the whole time you're doing that, your house is just getting messier and messier?" - wish I could find the magic way to avoid this!! If you figure it out, let me know :p

And I love knitting! I'm still a beginner. I do love the "fraternal twins" - colorful!

My T13 is up :)
Awesome socks!
I can totally relate to messy and messier. I can't knit very well but I can crochet!
Neat socks! I wish I could knit, I just don't have the patience or time really. My 10 mos. old keeps me busy! My list is up!
Kewl socks! I wish I knew how to knit!

And if you're serious about #3, let me know and we can trade. I live a very boring life, no kids, so things stay pretty clean :)

Have a great day, I played too!
Neat "list" - love the socks!!
Those are great socks! And yes, I do know the feeling. You should come see my house so you won't feel so bad. :)
Cools socks! I can identify with #1 & #2.
Oh, I SO know what you are talking about in your first couple of entries.

The socks turned out fabulous! That is so cool that you knit. I want to do something creative like that, but have never took the time to learn. I keep hoping that some rocket will shoot through my system, giving me the creative gene. LOL

Happy T13 and thanks for stopping by my blog. :)
WOWSA, the socks look great. My husband would never in a million years wear those. Kudos to Davin! Kudos to YOU!
I can relate to the little things. Cute socks. I never could quite grasp the knitting things. Great list, thanks for sharing.
I love those socks! That is just too cool.
Those socks are fab!
I am jealous.
I crochet, but don't know how to knit yet.
You made those socks? I'm impressed!
I like those socks! Quirky is good.

Thanks for visiting my T13.
loving the socks, even if they are used to run to stand still.
Fraternal twins! Awesome! I think they're perfect.
Man, I must need the Queen of Clean too because our house is constantly messy no matter what.

Happy Thursday!
Hey Jen! Just thought I'd join the fun!

I think they're extra special because they don't exactly match.

Did you see that sports car that that woman in England KNITTED? I thought of you and my friend Gina who also knits. Craziness.

I actually had this random thought that, after spending all last week cleaning my in-laws' house, I'd enjoy cleaning mine. Yes, I was desperate and crazy. No dice. I like to wallow in my own sty.
Oh I'm with you on the messy house thing. It's a never ending battle at my house. If I could figure out some way to budget in a maid I'd be all over it. But even somebody who cleans for a living would probably run scared from my house. ;)
Fraternal twins!! Hahahaha.

LOVE those socks!!
thanks for dropping by @ my blog
Great Socks!
LOVE the socks!!! And I hear ya about #1!!
The socks are just priceless.

My TT is up.
I love the socks. I don't think my husband would ever wear them if I made cool socks like that. He woudl complain they didn't match. Like how he complains that his hair isn't cut even when I cut it. Next time, I will say it is fraternal lengths.

I got to get to Colorado for those knitting lessons. :)
WOw, great list...and found you via a birthday meme...
Thanks, lgp
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