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Monday, June 19, 2006

We're in deep fondue-doo

You may all remember that last year to celebrate Davin's birthday and Father's Day, we served fondue. Right before the guests arrived there was a mighty deluge in the upstairs bathroom, which fostered a big moldy mess which required a complete overhaul. But, I did post an attractive photo of myself, a perk for my loyal blog readers.

So, I should have been on my guard this year, when Davin asked me to make fondue for the family for his Father's Day dinner. I should have known better than to allow the cursed intersection of melted cheese and chocolate and Davin's two biggest days of the year. Alas, I'm a fool.

No, the bathroom didn't flood this year, the laundry room did. Even after having every single thing fixed on our front loading washer (including another leak at one point) it just up and fell apart, unleashing its soapy devastation on our upstairs landing.

I take back every nice thing I ever said about our front loading washer. It was expensive, it sucked up even more money in repairs, and to top it all off, it STANK like mildew no matter what I did. We're getting a cheap top loader delivered Tuesday, and I'm not looking back!

Oh Jen...two years in a row?! What are the odds of that, I wonder...

When is Davin's birthday? Joe's is today, so he always ends up getting Father's Day and his birthday combined... (which doesn't seem fair somehow! :o)

It may be time to get rid of that fondue pot. It appears to be bad luck!
Maybe the fondue pot is just cursed and you can have some sort of ceremony performed on it. Know any fondue-savvy-shaman?

Our washer hoses exploded approximately 3 hours after we left to drive to New Orleans for a wedding years ago. I fear the power of the washer.

Tell Davin I said happy birthday. My birthday always gets mucked up with Father's Day.

PS Love the picture of you with Kleenex plugs! How many marriage proposals did you field after that one?
Maura-Davin's birthday is the 12th, so he usually gets one big dinner. This year we didn't invite a bunch of people or anything, but I made his favorite meal. Silly me!

Lynda and Interstellar Lass-That's the weird thing, it was a new fondue pot! I got an electric one for him!

Lori-I can see how you would fear the power of the washer! You know what, not even one person wanted to hook up with me after the nose plugs picture, can you believe it?
The odds must be astronomical. You must become the Fondue Nazi. No more fondue for you!
I should have taken pictures... today my dryer decided to quit heating (yes, again) and I had to hang our clothes outside. Dh thinks how smart I am and how economical... just wait until he gets his scratchy undies on...hee heee heee... I see a brand new dryer in my horizon!
Oh poor Jen. I agree with Lynda it's the fondue pot. Just say no to fondue.
eeekkk - what bad luck! lol, next year make something different - and cross your fingers!!
Well, good for you!
I stopped by looking for a Monday memory (mine's up). So I get fondue and mildew? And sort of a memory from last year.
Ooh ... you poor thing! And here I've been wishing for a front loader! Umm ... not anymore!
Congrats on the new washer.
Mildew does stink! Did you knit those thingies that are pictured in your nose? If you did, then that mildew went to your brain!!
Oh no Jen!!! You must throw away the fondue pot. I am sure it's the culprit!

So sorry about the washer!
I had a front-loading washer break down on me when I lived in England. That cussed thing was bad enough when it worked, but after it spewed gallons of water all over my kitchen... ARGH! I wanted to leave the country and never come back. New washer, no fondue. Sounds like a plan.
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