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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Yet Another Reason I Don't Hike

Not only is it all hot, sweaty and physically demanding, it's also very difficult to knit while you're hiking, so it's already off my A list. And here I see another reason not to go out in the backcountry.

Hikers find decomposing body

Yeah, no thanks.

When Davin and I watch C S I, we play a game. During the first few minutes of the show, we watch the action and try to determine if the person they're focusing on is going to SEE the dead guy or BE the dead guy. They always have about three minutes to set up some scene where a person is either inadvertently crossing the path of a serial killer (ie BEing the dead guy), or they follow their barking dog off the jogging trail to find a body (ie SEEing the dead guy). It never varies.

It's gotten to the point where if we're playing at the park and the kids' frisbee goes into the bushes, I seriously consider just letting it go 'cause you KNOW there's a body in there. Ditto when I toss something in a dumpster, I'm so not looking first.

Maybe I should knock off the TV a little?

Ummmm yeah, maybe.

That game is funny. I find myself looking at the clock while watching shows. If its 10 min till the hour, you know they're going to solve it soon because they need at least 3 min to wrap up and send the bad guys to jail.
You have a vivid imagination. It's even worse when you watch the real forensic shows on Court TV.
I'll have to check those out, Cube, what are they called?
Oh my!
Eek! How creepy. I would never want to imagine that! I don't watch scary movies either. Ewww!
I here ya there. I'm so terrible paranoid about this kind of stuff that I won't even take the trash out after dark. What am I say I won't take the trash out period, that's my hubby's chore!!

I don't even watch TV. Now who has a problem?
There are many different shows, and they can be quite graphic, mostly on Court TV and A&E. Forensic Files is very good, but there are many others.

Be careful Jen, these will fuel your imagination with real crimes & this can be the stuff of nightmares.
You are right about the beginning of each of those episodes.
I take it you won't be delving into the field of criminology any time soon.
I heard on the news today that a high school "CSI" - type class actually found a REAL dead body in a park in Florida. It seems your fears are justified.
You know, I do that too, but then I have to look because what if some poor parent is missing their child.
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