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Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Barfing Beauties: AKA Maya and Sage

Or: "Why We Won't Be Showing Our Faces at Michaels Craft Store Any Time Soon..."

Thursday everything went well all day. So well that we figured it must have been something that disagreed with them and we actually all went to Chuck E. Cheese for dinner, which went fine, no worries. (Sorry, people at CEC!)

The kids seemed fine all day Friday as well. So, Friday evening the girls and I went to their Girl Scout class at Michaels. I stopped at the register, paid for the girls' class and chatted with the cashier. There was no ominous music, or any reason to believe there was danger ahead. Even so, as we were headed to the back of the store, Maya stopped and said something that sounded like, "HURKLE!"

If you've been around kids, you know what that means. I looked at her and she was bravely trying to catch the contents of her stomach in her hands. It wasn't working. When God designed the relative sizes of stomachs and hands, I don't think He had this eventuality in mind.

Anya and Sage ran to get a bag and some supplies, while I tried in vain to comfort Maya. Mostly I just got barf in my shoes. (Yay Crocs!) We got Maya (and the store) cleaned up and ran out to take her home.

Within 20 minutes, Sage was in on the game. They were sitting on the couch with giant bowls, just watching TV and puking away. Poor little things! They seem slightly better today, but we're still keeping it tame.

If you'll excuse me, I've got some shoes to de-barf (that's Anya's word)...

De-barf is a good word. Well, not a good word, but it fits the occasion.

Your poor girls! I hope the barfing ceases soon.
I'd say you've got duel barfers on your hands.
Oh dear! My condolences! For some reason, my children always decide to barf on the one thing I don't want barf on: school papers, oil paintings, newly folded clean clothes, wool rugs...

I hope they're all better soonest!
Oh the poor things. I hope they get better soon!!
Poor things! I think I'll continue to live vicariously through you :)
Oh, Jen! I feel so badly for those poor girls! (Ignore the fact that I'm laughing hysterically at this post and your Thursday 13!).

We've been there. When Eli was about 4? (he's 9 now), we went to Sears to have portraits done. It was very busy there, and I gave him his juice cup, hoping to settle him down.

Well, he chugged that apple juice and proceeded to jump, jump, jump up and down.

You can guess what happened next. Projectile vomiting, all over me. Neck to ankles.

We used Maddie's blankie to clean up the mess as best as possible (poor kid!) and I rescheduled our appointment while Steve hustled the kids to the car. Mortifying!!!!

Oh you poor thing...debarfing and no class. I guess that beats getting hit with a wiffle ball bat! were wearing shoes with holes in them...I'm sure that was a nice feeling. I personally vomit each time I see, hear, or smell someone else doing it. Which basically means I should never have children, ever.
You have reminded me why we have a no flip flop rule for things like concerts. I took my kiddos to the Warped Tour and yes, one just slightly puked on. Ick, and I never found a place to wash hands!! So next year the hand sanitizer is essential,
Yuck! I swore up and down the first time I saw my brother throw up into my mom's hands that I would never do the same thing. Well, I did. And it was gross.

Hope they're all back in tip-top shape now.
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