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Friday, July 14, 2006

Do not pass go, do not collect $200...

Go directly to your drugstore and buy a cheap bottle of plain old aspirin and make yourself an Aspirin Mask!

I read about it in this thread at The Beauty Bottle (surfed through from Craftster, love the Craftster!).

Aspirin is a salicylate, many forms of which are commonly used as skin exfoliants. Obviously if you have problems with aspirin or salicylic acid, don't do this. But, if you're a regular reader of my blog, you're one of the smart people and I don't need to tell you that sort of thing, do I? ;-)

There are many variations, as you can read in the thread, and I'll tell you what I did. I took 5 tablets and dropped a tiny bit of water on each one. I let them sit a little bit and then they were ready to crush with the back of a spoon. I added a little honey and a tiny bit more water to make a paste. It was still fairly gritty, I probably could have done a better job but I was excited to try it.

I patted it all over my face and neck (carefully, because I have rosacea and didn't want to irritate it) and left it on for 10 minutes. It never started to sting or burn like other chemical exfoliants do, so I kind of figured it wasn't working. Then I rinsed it off and WOW! My skin looked so peaches and cream-y and felt so smooth!

So, I thought I'd pass it on. Anything that works for my picky skin and doesn't cost more than rebuilding Steve Austin is pretty rare.

Cool, I'll have to try that! Thanks for the tip!
Cool Tip! And something to do with aspirin that's been sitting in my cabinet for awhile. (did you read the article about medicine and the expiration? Apparently Aspirin lasts longer than the least 4 years! so the old stuff on the shelf will work fine ;)

I'm going to try it; the shelf stuff is expensive! I have a recipe that adds chocolate (caffeine stimulates the face) I'll try and post it ;)
wow! I've never heard of that.
Thanks for that Jen! I will definitely have to try it!
Sweet...I'm off to buy some cheap aspirin at the Dollar Store! Thanks!!!
I tried it this morning and it worked well. I also put some on my hands (although I washed it off after only 2 minutes or so because I was getting bored not being able to use my hands) and it worked great on them.

My favorite (and only) homemade body scrub that I make is just mixing olive oil and sugar.
I'll have to try that, pretty cool!
Wow. I'll have to give that a try. Pretty neat.
Didn't know that, I'll have to try it and I have really sensitive skin too, so thanks for the tip!
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