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Sunday, July 09, 2006

I can crochet "chaos" without even trying!

Of course, it's not the sort of chaos these folks are talking about.

Scientists crochet chaos
Dr Osinga explained: "Imagine a leaf floating in a turbulent river and consider how it passes either to the left or to the right around a rock somewhere downstream. Those special leaves that end up clinging to the rock must have followed a very unique path in the water. Each stitch in the crochet pattern represents a single point [a leaf] that ends up at the rock."
To be honest, I don't get it. But, it sounds cool, almost like poetry. And, when they put it all together, it is beautiful, don't you agree?


If you'd like to make your own copy, they link you to the pattern. It's 29 pages long and includes the calculations they used to generate the stitches. So, I probably won't be getting to it any time soon, even though it's awfully cool. If you do, will you let me know? I'd love to see it!

What exactly is it? A blanket? A wall hanging?

Or is it just chaos personified?

lol have a great day and big hugs!

btw...I've stopped blogging (for a while, maybe, could be for good, dunno just yet) so I can come back here to see the answer or you've got my email addy, you can just email me.

Again, big hugs!

Amen to your previous post.
Very cool!
29 pages? I don't think I have that much free time on my hands! LOL!
That's beautiful. I'd love to have that hanging on my porch. Maybe do it in an irridescent multicolor silver/blue yarn? Yah, like I can follow a pattern!
Ooh, I looked through the PDF, and it doesn't look hard at all! The entire instructions, from chain stitch through mounting on wires, only takes up about 5 of the pages. I may have to make one of these for my husband.
I don't knit, but if I did, this would be a project close to my heart.
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