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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

More time to kill?

I've linked to this designer's games before. The games are tricky, fascinating, and beautiful!

I was glad to stumble across a collection of them here, which included some I hadn't seen before!

My favorites are The Quest for the Rest, Samorost, and Samorost 2.

The key is to not get too freaked out over it. There is always a solution, and you can never do anything that will make it so that you can't go on, so keep trying. If you get totally overwhelmed, email me and I'll try to help. :-)

Those look pretty cool and I'll have to play around with them for a bit. You should check out this site. These games are also beautiful.

These look really cool. Thanks for sharing them!
Ohh, I love games - thanks for the heads up. These look cool.
I'll def check them out!!!
I'm terrible at those kind of games... I think I'll stick to reading blogs! :o)

Mmmm... I love Souper Salad, it sounds so much better to me than cooking (and cleaning up) at home.

Hope you're staying cool in this heat... it's miserable out there!
I've done these before, but my hubby hasn't. Thanks for the link and they reminder that they are out there!
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