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Sunday, July 30, 2006

MTV is 25!!!!

And I'm not feeling too young myself...

Hey, does anyone else remember when there were no commercials on MTV (or any other cable channel) because you paid for the programming with your cable bill? Or when there were videos on MTV all day, and no shows?

Ah, MTV, where I spent much of my wasted youth, I guess we're all a little different these days.

I remember my boyfriend's younger brother coming over and saying "there's this new station on cable with noting but music on all day!" And sure enough there it was on our tv that looked like a dresser with a screen in it and a huge black box with a get up and turn the channel by hand on the crank dial cable box!
I used to watch that for hours and hours...when I wasn't making out with said boyfriend.
I remember MTV when it first started, August 1st 1981 I was 9 Do you remember the first video

Video Kiled the Radio Star by the Buggles
I remember being mesmerized by MTV and my mother scowling and telling me to turn that junk off. Wow. I'm feeling my age.
Wasn't it the most incredible thing? I guess it's impossible to expect anything to last 25 years without change. I wonder how long they were able to survive without the commercials? I have no recollection of when those began. The format changed slowly over time as I remember. I haven't put it on in years.

MTV played music videos in the 80's?! Weird.
Like. Totally. I was all..."like music all the time?" and they were all like "'s rad" so, we began watching the evolution from just videos of people singing to the actual stories behind the music. My favorites were always the Weird Al ones though.
no kidding. 25, heh. guess we're getting old! my kids don't know there WASN'T an MTV. or cable, or CDs.. now I depressed.
Am I old because I long for the days when "pay TV" meant that you paid for the privilege of avoiding commercials. How outraged I was when they discovered they could have their cake and eat it too!

But yes, I feel old, remembering the first days of MTV.
OHHHHH man do I feel old. I totally remember the birth of MTV! And you're's so different now then it was back in the day. Sigh.
I remember the first time I turned on MTV. They were playing Private Eyes by Hall and Oats. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. You know, for the time, it kind of was.

I miss MTV being cool. I miss the suspended disbelief, too. It's hard to even find a video on MTV, now. All I ever see is bellies and thongs hanging out of the pants of bouncing girls where nothing actually bounces.

Yep, sounding old here. It's a good thing you can't see me. 'Cause I'm looking that way, too. Bleh!
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