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Monday, July 17, 2006

Ok, this is creepy

I wonder what this will turn out to be?

Three college students found dead in a home near the University of Wyoming campus had been drinking that night and died violent deaths, police said Monday...Investigators were still trying to piece together what happened in the home early Sunday, but Stalder said they believe everyone involved had been accounted for and were considering the possibility it was a murder-suicide. "There were several different kinds of weapons used," Stalder said. "This was a very violent criminal act."
It sure seems like the kind of a story where it will turn out to be really weird as they get into it. I mean, just because of all of the different weapons and the savagery.

How very sad, they're all so young.

Yeesh. That's scary.
I tend to read about this kind of stuff just out a desire to understand how something like that could happen. It's so mind-boggling.
I hadn't heard about this and I'm right next to Wyoming! how scary, and creepy! Thanks for the news update, I'll have to snag the paper tonight.
My guess: they were hopped up on drugs, played too many shoot-em-up and kill'em video games and had their own version of a video game.

And yet, so very sad.
I hate to say this, but I see a future horror movie coming in the future that will mimick this story line.
What an awful thing that happened!!
That is so freaky. Especially since the kid left alive didn't murder them. The killer off'd himself and left this kid to tell the story.

I also find it interesting that not one of these kids were old enough to provide the alchohol. I'd follow up on that lead.
I wonder if they will follow up to release what happened.

Laramie, that's where the boy, Matthew Sheppard was killed in a gay-bashing

What is wrong with that town?
Very weird. I would concentrate on questioning the survivor. Did you notice that at one point in the article they referred to him as Kolchak?
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