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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Please tell me other people's kids do this, too?

Yesterday, Anya and I talking, and we heard the theme song from The Simpsons come on from the other room. Anya looked at the clock and said, "The Simpsons aren't supposed to be on now. Oh, it must be Saturday!"

I remember having the whole TV schedule memorized when I was kid, but I don't recall using it to determine which say it was. Is this really bad, or do other people's kids do stuff like this sometimes, too?

I know she knows her days of the week, etc. I mean, she's 10, she's known them for a while. But, this was kind of cracked...

If you think that's bad, whenever me or my wife see a blue sky with puffy clouds just that way, we start singing the opening theme song.

"The Simp.....sonsssss!"
Yes, Darly knows what time it is by what's on TV too. She'll get bummed if we're not home in time to see her favorites and even more bummed when we tell her that show isn't on because it's the weekend.
Dylan does that. "Oh! I didn't know it was Saturday today!" (Which is really sad, but truly, what reason do we have to know the day of the week! LOL, if Daddy's home, then it's Sat/Sun/Mon)

Madi plans her day around certain shows. She loves the show Fetch, that's on at around she can often be heard saying "I can't do that right now because Fetch is on in half an hour and I don't want to accidentally miss it."
I don't think it's bad, since I do the same thing and I'm 35. I've been doing it for years. So does my brother and sister and parents (but not as often) it's just reflex when our favorite shows are on. It doesn't work with Law & Order though, since it's always on.
My son does that too...but he's 4!
When I was a kid, my best friend and I had songs for what tv shows were on every night. We'd sing them when we'd part at the corner after walking each other home. (I'd walk her home, but then she'd walk me back halfway.) The song for Tuesday went like this:

Happy Days! Laverne and Shirley!
Three's Company! Yay!

I've felt weird ever since moving to Cali because I don't know what networks are on what channel anymore. Plus with a DVR it's hard to memorize that stuff. I do still now which of my shows are on which nights, though, and my husband teases me about it.
My kids pretty much only watch DVDs and videos. But I'm sure my 10 year old would do that, too, if I let him watch regular tv.
oh yeah my youngest daughter knows when hanna Montana is supposed to be on... and then we record it and she watches it over and over... and over... and over...
Thank you all, this is making me feel much better! Whew!
Well...I was definitely like that when I was a child. We don't have TV access but we watch a lot of DVDs (especially in the summer). When the Star Trek or TNG themes come on, my oldest stands at attention and starts reading off the names of the actors and the characters they play. From memory. Now that's scary.
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