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Friday, July 28, 2006

Shower of the Future

Why don't we have better showering/bathing facilities? Don't get me wrong, the hot water on tap is nice and all, but our indoor plumbing hasn't really changed a whole lot since the days of Ancient Rome. Why is that? We're not still getting around in chariots and feeding people to lions (well, reality TV is sort of close to that...)

It seems like there should be some way we could step into a chamber, push a button and be instantly cleaned by ions or quarks or something (bear with me, science isn't my strong suit.) Think about it, you wouldn't even have to get undressed if you're in a hurry! And, they could be everywhere, like public restrooms are, so if you need freshening up while you're out you could just pop into the "Hygiene-o-matic" and get rid of any objectionable odors as well as that big blop of ranch dressing on the front of your shirt.

Of course, there will be people claiming that these aren't safe, like the folks who refuse to use microwave ovens. And we will have to keep old fashioned bathing facilities around just for the joy of floating in water in your own home. But, for quick day to day clean ups, doesn't it seem like there ought to be some sort of advancement in all this time?

Can you tell I'm stalling (har!) because I don't want to go deal with the whole boring and time-consuming shower routine today?

I agree! I'm waiting on the Jetson's shower/clothing/makeup combo assembly line. Jane Jetson had it made!
LOL! I'm looking for that permanent hair removal on my legs...and for it to happen while I'm blogging.

And I'll need a shower today too after our trip to the Botanic was HOT out there and then the green house was HOT and hair went immediately FLAT... why did I curl my hair today?
I've often pondered this myself. In my mind showering is unavoidable delay! We do it to stay socially acceptable, but really it's a huge waste of time.

I'm all for the jetson shower, that not only cleans you, but dresses you and fixes your hair!
The 24th Century has sonic showers.
I like your newfangled idea! I hope it styles hair too, also, as well.
The Roman baths were pretty, darned elaborate.
They had hot, medium and cool ones, for whatever you wanted at the moment. Ahhhhhhh. Pass me my toga. :)
I remember that Star Trek:TNG had the Sonic shower. Being cleaned by soundwaves could be fun. Or was that with a Cherry limeade with crushed ice?

The Jetsen's assembly line would be cool, although I don't think I could pull off the triangular collar. Just not a good look for me.

Oh, while you're waiting on the salad dressing remover, those Tide pens work wonders. I heart them.
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